Misadventures in Blogging: Censored by Google – Update.

Note to self: Do NOT read/write/ think about Google before settling down for the night. I had a nightmare about dinosaurs and Google. Apart from occasionally dreaming about falling of a cliff (I am terrified of heights), or realising that I am inappropriately dressed, my dreams usually consist of things like blue cats.  Last night I confronted huge dinosaurs. It wasn’t pleasant and they had very prominent teeth, much like the cover of a book that I have wanted to read – ‘Search and Destroy’. The review nicely sums up Google’s position:

Google has acquired far more information, both public and private, and has invented more ways to use it, than anyone in history. Information is power, and in Google’s case, it’s the power to influence and control virtually everything the Internet touches. Google’s power is largely unchecked, unaccountable—and grossly underestimated. Google is the Internet’s lone superpower—the new master of the digital information universe. And Google’s power depends almost entirely on the blind trust it has gained through masterful duplicity. Google routinely says one thing and does another.

The author, Scott Cleland  blogs about a range of issues including net neutrality, anti-trust and privacy issues, as well as Google. The blog is worth a RSS subscription.

Last year  the Australian TV show ‘the Hungry Beast’ did a great skit on YouTube that manages to set out Google’s approach to privacy in less than 3 minutes.

Anyway, the question to be answered this morning is am I censored or was it a nightmare?

The cPanel stats show that the following IP addresses popped by the blog yesterday – some more than once:

And all roads lead to Mountain View.


I am unsure of whether this is normal for a blog but I do know it is not ranking on the SERPs for my name – unlike Bing and Yahoo.







Maybe it is not the lawsuit that is the issue. Perhaps I have the wrong name, or at least one that Google doesn’t  like. Apparently the wrong name can get a person banned from Google and so they are removing the website that they ‘don’t like’ (bad grammar, I know, but the play on words was too good to resist).

I am still page rank 0 even though I have had a few visitors to the site (other than those from Google).

Update: All the statistics from yesterday have loaded into the cPanel and there were 9 separate visits to the blog from Mountain View. They didn’t even leave me a backlink from the visit- sheesch!!

Note to self: Do NOT check the stats before bedtime. Nightmares two nights in a row are exhausting.














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