Misadventures in Blogging: Technology Challenged

This is my first blog post although actual publication is uncertain at the time of writing because at the moment it is pretty much hit an miss. I was MIA when the tech chips were allocated. The anxiety produced by the need to learn new ‘tech things’ is second only to an equal dread of heights and spiders. This is not an irrational fear but one born out of a lifetime of experience.  I once dismantled a new and expensive vacuum cleaner because the instructions said to maintain it through regular cleaning.  I still remember the embarrassing ten minutes spent at the counter of the service centre trying to explain the pile of parts in a bag.

In the 1960s girls were only taught to type if their marks were on the lower end of the scale. Twenty years later, despite the gradual infiltration of technology into the university, I completed a BA using the archaic methods of a pen and paper. In 1990 I was pushed into the deep end by an Honours supervisor who insisted his students presented their thesis drafts on the computer. I remember trying to argue that it was more time efficient to write several drafts of a thesis in long hand than deal with the inevitable trauma of the computer. My supervisor was unimpressed and unmoved. He pointed out that tears and (in those days) cigarette smoke were bad for the computer and I had to suck it up and learn.

Over the years I have learned to cope through utilising strategies of adaptation and avoidance. My heart rate monitor runs an hour slow for six months of the year because it is easier to mentally add an hour than change the time.  Less is better as far as I am concerned with my computer software and my phone is still the non-smart variety. While many are waiting for iphone 5 I am still avoiding version 1. Nonetheless, sometimes an urge to tinker overtakes rational thought with the end result that ‘tech things’ that have been ‘fixed’ become ‘unfixed’. This urge rears its ugly head infrequently but the word ‘error’ is usually prominent in the outcome.

The instructions on the ‘easy to install’ WordPress blog clearly indicated to me that it was a job for an expert, or rather, that I needed the assistance of a tech. Mahmud installed the static pages on which I plan to load text but the urge to tinker hit over the weekend. After a couple of frustrating sessions, I was very pleased when I noticed today that the blog was showing on the first page of the SERPs for my name. Less pleasing was realisation that a separate blog page was ALSO showing on the second page.  At least I found out what happened to that page with the 404 error instead of text. If anyone reads this please avoid the temptation of explaining what happened because any attempt to understand will consume brain cells needed for the forthcoming instruction session on creating pages.


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