Are Google ‘Cooking the Books’, and Frying their Advertisers?

My blog was relegated to internet oblivion by Google within literally days of their awareness that it was online. I guess they believe that ‘freedom of speech’ applies to everyone, except Google. Of course, the fact that I am suing them may have something to do with their decision to manually adjust its position in their index.

This morning I noticed something really weird with the blog’s rank in the Google index. I signed the blog up for a Google analytics account after it was banished to Cyberia in order to use the malware/spam tools. If Google analytics say the blog doesn’t have ‘issues’ the number of available excuses are reduced. I do not sign into Google unless it is to check the blog data and then I sign out.

It is not like I am doing anything that I would want to hide, but the videos by The Hungry Beast and Insidegoogle just creep me right out. Clearly the Australian Federal Government  had a few concerns about Google’s mass global infringement of privacy. It is interesting to note that Senator Conroy has not said much lately about the company which he stated perpetrated  “the single greatest breach in the history of privacy“. However, much like the proposal for an Internet Ombudsman, these concerns seemed to have slipped off the ACMA radar.

Some months ago my lawyers asked that I document the SERPs for my name on a regular basis. This morning I was in a hurry and decided to check the blog data while printing out my name SERPs. As soon as I signed into Google the blog links came from nowhere and two snippets settled in the prime #3 spot on page 1 (specifically, from approximately 8.11 and at 14.14)….whoaaahhh!!! …..As soon as I logged out of Google the blog disappeared from the prized spot in the SERPs for my name (check the video at the end of the post).

So does that mean Google is telling me I deserve the prime, #no 3, page 1 spot but telling everyone else that I do not deserve to be ranked and therefore they ‘reverse-engineer’ my blog out of the SERPs for my name? This begs the question of whether Google tells their advertisers they value their website but tells their users a different story? After all,  Mr Schmidt stated, if Google knows the answer they consider it is better for the consumers to provide them with it! Huh!!!

Testimony to the US Antitrust Hearing produced strong evidence that Google does not provide a level playing field. The CEO of YELP provided proof that Google acted in an anti-competitive manner. According to the UK company Foundem:

By consistently placing its own services at or near the top, Google is leveraging its dominance in search to help it in adjacent markets.

Despite its denials, Google dominates global internet search. Moreover, it states that it search is not independent from its other products. Maybe the repositioning of websites in the SERPs is a method of fooling their advertisers into a false sense of security in relation to both their Google and non-Google competitors?

Furthermore,  it really is a bit of a worry that Australian government departments are joining the Google Partner Program, specially if they are going to use the training to assist Australian small businesses in shaping their future. Do we really want Google giving Australian small businesses their answers? Isn’t this just setting them up as cannon fodder in the relentless Google campaign to organise the world’s shopping……. I mean search?


After dropping down to 1 or 2 visits per day, the stats show 17 separate visits from Google yesterday. Was it something that I said?


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