Google No Longer Censoring this Blog: Did Matt Cutts Intervene?


Well, it has been an interesting couple of days. I posted a brief outline of the case on a SEO blog run by by Potpie Girl. She is a well known and prolific SEO writer. Matt Cutts replied to her post about the impact of human Google raters.  I will not go into detail about the content of the original article or the the reply from Cutts because my knowledge of SEO is limited and any explanation would do a great disservice to the original research. However, Cutts’ reply can be read here.

My post contained a lot of detail about my case, the support of Ripoff Report by Google, and the fact that this blog had been censored. I stated that Cutts had no soul because he refused to implement action on this grubby little website in 2008 after the groundswell of complaints by the SEOs was communicated to the upper echelons of Google.

I do not waver from that statement. People such as Cutts live in some ivory tower in which the the world is only populated by those of their ilk and individuals and small businesses are just collateral damage in the great quest to organise the world’s information – and put advertising on it. This view ignores the abundance of evidence scattered across the internet about the damage caused by the combination of Ripoff Report and Google. Moreover, given that companies pay to be verified safe in Ripoff Report, the high trust given to that website by Google is nothing more than a situation in which the latter is conning their users.

This blog was commenced in early October and was indexed on page 1 of the Google SERPS for my name within a few days.  Yet within two weeks the blog was relegated to, well, nowhere on the Google SERPS for my name. This was preceded by Google visits to the blog in numbers that can only be described as really creepy. I guess Google thought that they could simply remove the blog from their index and that would fix their problem. They got that one wrong!

Google have so much money and power that they can afford to dispense with little thorns in their side with a couple of keystrokes. This is not going to happen in my case and so, when I saw a tweet from Cutts responding to the post on Potpie Girl’s site, I jumped in and posted on the blog page. I gave an overview of this case and said that Cutts had no soul.  This situation is not simply about my case. Hundreds of small businesses owners and individuals have been deleteriously affected by this website. The webmaster, their lawyers and Google profit while small businesses, sometimes after 30 years of trading without incident, collapse because of a false report published at the top of the Google SERPS for their name. The damage is not only inflicted upon the business or individual. As this person stated, their families also suffer.

Let me be very clear about this. It takes Google less than a couple of minutes staff time to remove  links that will obviously destroy the reputation and ability to work/and or conduct business. Google know that Ripoff Report publishes inflammatory defamatory and false information and moreover that this is indexed at or near the top of page 1. It does not remove links to the material  EXCEPT if they are links to offensive material about Google owners or senior  personnel.

The post on Potpie Girl’s blog was read by Cutts and ignored. Clearly, he did not  consider that I was worthy of a reply.  Cutts may be revered as the public face of Google and maybe the phrophet, if not the god of SEO but he is just as souless and creepy as the rest of them. Within a few hours (overnight in AU) my blog came from nowhere to page 1 (its rightful position) in my name SERPS.

Thus far it remains on page 1 irrespective of the fact that Ihave not done any SEO. I would like to ‘optimise’ my blog but it is all too hard for me to attempt and too expensive to pay a firm (I have ongoing legal expenses). So I have not done anything to it other that load the content and send the site to a few directories (in a haphazard manner).

At any rate, the whole point of the blog was to provide a counter argument to the defamation in a search for my name and which  Google have not completley removed – even 10 months after filing litigation proceedings. Moreover, I am under no illusion that Matt Cutts suddenly grew a soul. Rather it appears that his major concern was to show that Google did not censor its results. Too late, I have it all documented. Compare the SERPS for my name on this video (taken 2 weeks ago) with this screen video recorded on December 10th 2011.

In fact, just last month this Cutts person sent out a plea of help for users to support his view that the US should not censor search results.  Oh please Mr Cutts, evidence has proven that Google fix the search results and you know that the Google SERPS can be organised in any way that Google wishes. so, don’t bother.  Given that Google had censored my blog because I am suing them  I nearly lost my breakfast when reading that article. He clearly thinks that the company for whom he works has a god given right to publish whatever they want, irrespective of the consequences. Cutts earns more in a year then the small businesses destroyed by Ripoff Report would earn in 10 years!

This person Cutts, and other like him are monsters and/or wimps because they use their monopoly power to destroy individual and businesses reputations (and hence their ability to earn a living) and yet, when confronted by someone who ‘outs’ their censoring simply manually adjusts the index to cover up their prior attempts at censorship. Compare this video of the SERPs for my name taken 2 weeks prior to this blog post with this video taken after Cutts overturned their censorship because  I confronted him on a SEO blog.

How do Cutts and the other Google execs sleep at night given that they have the power to make or break businesses? In order to justify their choices about publication they hide behind the philosophical concept of ‘freedom of speech’. They neither understand this concept nor implement it with any consistency! Maybe they sleep very well, but of course that would mean they were  devoid of any sense of empathy whatsoever. Of course Google are worth $190 billion  so they can afford to ‘deep pocket’ litigants who challenged them in the court.

It takes approximately 30 seconds to remove a URL from Ripoff Report that is clearly false and or defamatory and yet that has the power to destroy a business. If Cutts and his cruel cronies want to learn about the extent of public support why do they not simply read the comments on this petition?

These comments represent the damage caused by the combination of  websites such as Ripoff Report with the monopoly of Google and a driven by cold and profit driven hearts. Remember that Ripoff Report and Google profit from their little relationship while businesses and individuals are destroyed.

Google removed the links to the defamatory material from AFTER they were served. Since they reinstated this blog in the SERPS Google have also put a link to the defamatory material BACK on  The question is did Mr Cutts order the reinstatement of the link to the defamatory material along with my blog? That is so mean!



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