Suing Google for Defamation over Ripoff Report Update 2014


My Defamation Trial against Google over Ripoff Report

His Honour Judge Dart ordered earlier this week that dates for my defamation case against Google must be set in a pre-trial conference in early November. This is a welcome development after fours years of dealing with Google’s attempts to twist fact in order to ‘deep pocket’ and scare me from pursuing my original defamation claim. Google have now employed two international law firms (Baker & McKenzie and Ashurt), a local law firm (Lawson Smith), two barristers (and a QC). It is beyond me why Google have paid  hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to make me ‘go away’ rather than spend two minutes ordering their removals team to remove the links. However, in the meantime, I and another Australian activist have been falsely accused of defaming an Australian Federal Judge.

These false allegations about the Australian activist against cyberbullying, Michael Roberts and I were, I believe, posted on and financed by Ripoff Report in revenge for standing up for victims of their extortion. In fact, one of the authors, Darren M Meade, a paid writer on Ripoff Report, was recently indicted in the US on a range of charges including extortion, witness tampering and blackmail. Meade’s indictment is available for download.

My fellow Australian cyberbullying activist, Michael Roberts was targeted by Ripoff Report because he stood up to them. Under the guise of advocating for the release of a convicted murderer, Michael’s ex-wife, Tracy Richter, a Ripoff Report paid writer, Darren M Meade also targeted anyone associated with Michael, including 60 minutes Australia,  and me. The latest documents in the state of Iowa v Xcentric Ventures (owners of Ripoff Report) can be downloaded here.

I was initially targeted by Ripoff Report after my case was publicised and I uploaded this blog.  Darren M Meade was Ripoff Report’s paid ‘reputation hitman’ as noted in emails between the editor, Ed Magedson and Meade in exhibit 126 (pg 1137) of these legal documents produced by the State of Iowa.

About Ripoff Report and Google

Ripoff Report is a website that has, for more than 15 years, exploited US law to profit from defamation. A US private detective has gathered evidence of the criminal activities  and is now worth more than USD $45 million. Moreover, it has been enabled by its high page rank on Google. Ripoff Report will do anything for a quick buck and my identity was sold by them leading to the original posts.  More information about the extortion practices of Ripoff are available on this site.

The full documents on the Judge’s orders for Google to reveal the data are available for download from the following cloud drives (these are large files because of the pdfs in the  exhibits, but they are comprehensive):

The cloud drive  (my paid subscription to a cloud drive and virus-free):


Google Drive (people trust Google, right?)

A brief overview can be obtained by downloading the docs from the the above cloud drives and reading affidavits nos  1 (overview of the accusations that I defamed Australian Judges and hired hackers to extort Google), no. 5 (the Google response to my filed  affidavit) and no, 7 (my response to Google’s attempts to dissuade my application) plus Judge Dart’s orders dated Oct 24 2014.


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