The O’Reilly Factor and Fox News vs Ripoff Report


Bill O’Reilly: Ripoff Report Engages in “Extortion”

On May 20th 2014 Bill O’Reilly aired a segment on his show on Fox News with the title The Worst Websites in America. Guests on the show, tech expert Cassie Slane and attorney Alex Little were asked to nominate two websites that they considered fitted this title. Ms Slane nominated Ripoff Report.  Mr O’Reilly correctly summed up Ripoff Report in one word, ‘extortion’. The video of this segment was removed from the Fox News website within hours.  Ripoff Report’s, attorney Maria Crimi-Speth apparently convinced Fox News that ‘freedom of speech’ did not extend to saying anything true about Ripoff Report. A synopsis of the segment is available in the transcript of the show. The Ripoff Report victims action group has republished the relevant section the video under the doctrine of ‘fair use‘.

Ripoff Report’s Revenge

Ripoff Report has a long history of  exacting revenge on anyone who stands up to its criminal practices and indeed, anyone it doesn’t like, including attorneys who represent plaintiff in legal actions against the website. In fact, recently Ripoff Report published serious and false allegations about a computer repairer and his family, asked for $7,000 to remove them and when he would not pay their extortion, offered to remove them for a refund of the repair price and laptop. The reports about the computer repairman and his family were removed from the website but republished within hours of the refund and return of the laptop. The evidence  is documented in pages 74-76 and 79 & 80 in this legal document. True to form, Ripoff Report published a ‘report’ on Ms Slane shortly after the segment was aired.

It appears that Ripoff Report are worried that substantial evidence of this extortion is now in a US court and is in damage control. Yesterday they released their own video. The presentation attempted look like it was a ‘professional’ production but it is tacky and I think they did their money on that one. Paladin wondered “how they got the banjo picking kid from Deliverance to do that video”.

Ripoff Report has put the video along with a photo of Bill O’Reilly on everyone of its 1.8 million pages with the title, Bill O’Reilly FOX News Liars-false information provided by self proclaimed advocate Cassie Slane. Update: Within 24 hours of publication of this video the title was changed from ‘BillO’Reilly Fox News Liars’ to ‘Bill O’Reilly Fox News Inaccurate Information’.

This is the internet archive of the first version.

Ripoff Report: Extortion and Perjury?

On the video the website attorney states that Ripoff Report does not remove reports and does not remove them for money, is the ‘consumer’s voice’ and essentially walks on water.  This is  almost comical.

Extortion? You be the Judge:

There is evidence dating back more than a decade that Ripoff Report does remove reports for money. Emails and a deposition from Ed Magedson discussing removal of reports for money can be downloaded from this link. The Iowa documents contain more recent evidence and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Much more evidence will come out in the impending court cases.

Some examples from unsealed court documents: Iowa seizure warrant pp. 76-110

Daniel Danino demanded that DARREN MEADE remove the aforementioned complaints. DARREN MEADE responded by demanding a fee of $7,000.00 for the removal of the pages, and for compensation for DARREN MEADE’s laptop, which DARREN MEADE had never retrieved

On August 29, 2013, Dr. John Pitman’s office received a call from a male who identified himself as Ryan. Ryan informed Dr. John Pitman’s administrative assistant, Tina Allen, that he worked for RIPOFF REPORT and, for $10,000, could remove all the derogatory complaints on RIPOFF REPORT about Dr. John Pitman

On November 11, 2013, Dr. John Pitman’s administrative assistant, Tina Allen, received a call at Dr. John Pitman’s medical practice from a male who identified himself as RIPOFF REPORT employee “SAM YOUBANKS.” Tina Allen said SAM YOUBANKS advised that [Dr. John Pitman] could get the derogatory information published about him on RIPOFF REPORT removed with an initial down payment and the remaining amount billed after it was taken down.

ED MAGEDSON / RIPOFF REPORT agents / employees DARREN MEADE and / or YAGHOBI contacted Dr. John Pitman and offered to remove all RIPOFF REPORT complaints about him for $10,000, which were created and published by DARREN MEADE and ED MAGEDSON / RIPOFF REPORT, DARREN MEADE, ED MAGEDSON / RIPOFF extorted Dr. John Pitman.

Ripoff Report Profits from Hate Speech, Child Abuse Content and Intellectual Property Violations

As for the attempt to portray Ripoff Report as the ‘consumer voice’, it is clear from this sample of webpage links that Ripoff Report publishes and profits from a range of illegal and offensive material including, hate speech, and that which endangers children as well as infringes copyright.



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