Ed Magedson Ripoff Report Cyberbully: Home Address

UPDATE: 21 December 2016

Magedson has opened a ‘virtual office’ at the following address:

6424 E Greenway Parkway

Scottsdale AZ 854254

Magedson and Ripoff Report have been sued for USD$60 Million

The lawsuit was filed in Virginia by a US plastic surgeon and Army Colonel, Dr John Pitman. Magedson paid a stooge, Darren M Meade to write serious false and defamatory garbage on ripoff Report and destroyed his practice.

Magedson also paid another stooge, Siamack Yaghobi to try and extort Dr Pitman for USD$10,000 to remove the post. It appears that Yaghobi clearly had the right qualifications to work for Ripoff Report.

Where is Ed Magedson?

Magedson regularly publishes the home addresses, phone numbers and even birth dates of minors on webpages containing false content about their parents (such as referring to them as prostitutes, pedophiles and/or deadbeat dads and mothers).

Ripoff Report also publishes maps of the home location along with photographs of the children on many of the webpages and puts children in danger from pedophiles.

According to various reports, Magedson is in hiding because people want to kill him. I don’t condone violence but I cannot say that I am surprised.

From 2009 Magedson lived in an upmarket suburb, Fountain Hills, near to the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

15821 E Jericho Dr

Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

This house is owned by the LLC set up by Beth Cohn of Jaburg Wilk: 176-16-520 DESERT PROPERTIES LLC 15821 E JERICO DR FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ 85268 FOUNTAIN HILLS AZ FP 602C TR A,B16633163N6E


It was for sale but was but was taken off market after a considerable price drop. I am unsure if Magedson lives there now or if it is unoccupied and waiting for a little ‘accident’ with a match and some petrol.

But buyer beware:



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