Defamation Trial Against Google Over Ripoff Report June 22 2015 in South Australia

Update: May 2015

Duffy v Google

After more than four long years my trial against Google for defamation over false content on accusing me of stalking, harassment, fraud and other crimes is due to start in the South Australian Supreme Court on June 22 2015. I did not stalk anyone. If I am guilty of anything it was naivity. I have always tried to stand up for others  that have been abused or harassed or bullied or ripped off. I have always refused to hide from bullies and predators and this has been used as ‘punishment’ or ‘retribution’, even by my former employers, who should have known better or at least acted in a more ethical manner.

We are ready for trial! The only task that remains is to subpoena witnesses from my former employer. It seems that they are a little reluctant to testify. I am not surprised because the defamatory content was used against me to force my resignation. The content is false and I think this fact was realised by my former employer, or at least the Crown. Nonetheless, it did not stop them from trying to surruptitiously use it to pressure me in to resigning. I did resign and the Cown managed to continue to cover up bullying and sexual harassment. In 2009 I sent a request to the then Minister for Industrial Relations, Paul Caica, and recieved a lameduck response. I am not surprised. However, with a bit of luck the defendant, Google will try to pursue the issue of my employment at the trial and I can reveal the whole cover up without fear of pressure, bullying or reprisals from the South Australian Government Ministers, the Departtment of Health Minister or the Crown. They sure did try to shut me up by using scare tactics and trying to blame me for reporting workplace abuse in 2009 and 2010.

I was not aware of the extent that the defamatory content on Google was used to try and discredit my reputation until the defendant subpoenaed all my work records. I did not know the exact content of my work records until this week. The Judge ordered that I view them before making any objections to the defendant accessing them. I did not object. I will say that it did come as a surprise that the defamatory content was circulated by my former director four months after I resigned because he was pissed that I refused to sign a form. I had also refused to do work for him while medically unfit so I guess that for the South Australian Govenment  failing to work while ill and while not employed is a reason to defame someone. I was under no obligation to sign, especially since I knew that rather than investigate the sexual harassment and bullying (of me and other staff members) my employer tried to put the blame on me. However, at that point I also did not realise that I was also defamed AFTER I resigned. Legally this means that my former employer cannot avail itself of a qualified privilege defence and I intend to take legal action for defamation against them and the employees responsible as soon as possible. I was treated very badly by my former employer. I reported bullying and it was covered up. I complained of sexual harassment (I was being sent graphic photos and texts in which my name was used) on behalf of myself and two other women and it was ignored. The bottom line is that it appears that a small area of working space was more important to my former workplace than acting in an ethical, let alone compassionate manner. I am beyond furious.

My former employer tried to use the content in my complaints against me, to force me to resign.  Unbeknownst to them, at the time I had given the complaints that were ignored to my lawyers. The Crown realised their client was at fault and had to back off. It still didn’t stop my former director (who, it appears simply wanted my working space) to try stick the knife in me one more time and four months after I reswigned becauseI would not work after I quit or, for that matter while I was medically unfit. I did not know about this defamation by my former employer after I resigned until this week. I cannot do anything about the sexual harassment but I can, and will take action on the defamation. I am more than angry and I am aware that other employees have been adversely affected by the actions of directors and managers in the South Australian Department of Health who have covered up bullying, sexual harassemnt and the use of unsafe work conditions to exploit employees.

I am not the same person I was in 2009 and 2010. This battle against Google has changed me. It has at times nearly broken me but it has made me tougher. Once upon a time I just wanted to do good work and I wanted to get along and to try to fit in with everyone. The management at my former employer were not only negligent but they were weak and cruel. Once upon a time I would have and did just walk away. This has all changed and now I want justice and to clear my name.  I WILL pursue this to the courts if necessary. I intend to clear my name in the Governement of South Australia and if this means suing my former director and others, from the lab, for example, then so be it! Once the content on is proven defamatory they have NO defence. It was disseminated AFTER I resigned and if my legal action stops it happening to someone else it will all be worth it. Once upon a time I would have protected other employees, even my bosses and even if it meant that I was disadvantaged. Not any more. I WILL sue the South Australian Government and the individual empoloyees for defamation if I can and I will be definitely making an official complaint to the Crown and asking for an investigation. But that is a task for after the Google case.If the Government thinks I am joking let them consider the tenacity and determination required for an unemployed person like me to get one of the most powerfull and richest corporations in the world to trial.

The Defendant, Google has tried everything to deep pocket me rather than go to trial. Luckily I have lawyers whose brilliant legal ability is only eclipsed by their humanity. Google have employed two international law firms, a local law firm, two barristers and a QC to try and make me go away. Yet we are still standing and ready to go to trial. Most of the time it has been Ted (my solicitor) and I fighting them. I ran out of money to pay my lawyers two years ago. My lawyers did not desert me and I will be forever gratefull. I have one of the most experienced and smartest QCs going to trial for me in June. We are ready for trial and once my reputation is vindicated on Google I am going to sue my former employer, any employees that disseminated the defamatory content, in particlar those from my former research unit who sent it out attached to an email in December 2010, four months after I resigned and vindicate my local reputation. Watch this space!



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