Duffy v Google: Australian Defamation Trial over Ripoff Report 22 June 2015

I have the best lawyers in the world but for the past four years and five months Google have used a ‘deep pocket ‘defence strategy’ to try and make me go away. Google’s legal fees to date must be way in excess of a million dollars. Rather than take two minutes to remove the defamatory content from their search results Google have employed three law firms, two barristers and a QC to use legal delaying tactics in the hope that I will run out of money. This was successful. I used up all my savings on legal bills two years ago. My wonderfull lawyers have stayed with my case but I simply owe too much in legal fees for them to run the trial. Of course, this was always Google’s intention.

I have not earned a cent in almost five years because Google have not removed the defamatory content on RipoffReport.com from their search results. Google even refused to remove it or ignored notifications after I sent the Iowa court documents that showed I was targeted by the website editor Ed Magedson. After living off my savings and paying massive legal bills since August 2010 I simply ran out of money and have been recently forced onto Centrelink benefits.

Meanwhile, Google have resumed putting advertisements for  Citibank, HSBC, Singapore Airlines, Foxtel, Mercedes Benz and other major Australian and International corporations on the defamatory content on RipoffReport.com. In May 2013 the Ripoff Report editor, Ed Magedson said in Forbes Magazine that his major income of several million dollars a year was from advertising. Google owns approximately half of the global online advertising market so it is not difficult to figure out that they are earning considerable revenue from the website and this is why it cheaper for them to try and break me rather than do the right thing and remove the website.

I cannot fund the legal costs for my trial so I will be running it myself. I have no legal experience but I do know the evidence and I will be in the South Australian Supreme Court on Monday June 22 2015 with my tender books and ready to fight Google. This is not just about me anymore. As the Iowa legal documents show, RipoffReport.com is not a paragon of consumer advocacy. It is a Google enabled extortion racket. The website publishes hate speech, content posted by abusive ex-partners and publishes photographs and location details of minors. Google even refuse to remove the links if provided with court orders outside California even if submitted by single mothers and their children trying to escape the wrath of abuse ex-partners.

If anyone from Adelaide reads this post please come along to support me at my trial

The trial details are Duffy v Google: South Australian Supreme Court, in front of His Honour Justice Blue, Monday 22 June 2015.

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