Mike Masnick of Techdirt ‘Bitch Slapped’ by Anonymous Coward

I received an interesting email today. I have reproduced it in full. The only changes I have made is to remove some links and the name of an Australian who was recently viciously defamed on Techdirt.com. My comments are in italics.

Dear Janice

It was great to speak with you the other day. As I said, I have been watching your battle over Ripoff Report for a while because my wife’s crazy ex posted about her and even mentioned her child. Ripoff Report wanted her to pay to get their names removed but at the time she was working a minimum wage job. They even refused to remove the name and photograph of her minor child. We have since married and she changed their names but it caused her a lot of grief.

Ripoff Report wouldn’t help my wife but ironically, if anyone tries to publish about Ed Magedson on the website it doesn’t get posted. I know because I tried. Magedson says he supports freedom of speech but not if anyone wants to post the truth about him.  I thought you might like to know that a guy called Mike Masnick of Techdirt is the same sort of hypocritical coward as Magedson. I need to remain an ‘anonymous coward’ but I hope that you post this online.  (Masnick refused to remove a comment saying that I was engaged in criminal actions so will I post it? hell yea!  In fact, much like Tim Cushing, I think that I may may need to ‘storify’ my feelings once I figure out how to drive the program).

Recently Masnick posted a piece on a countryman of yours on Techdirt. This is the link. (Link and name removed because the webpage contains defamatory content about an Australian).

I noticed that one of the comments about Masnick was hidden:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 2.46.03 PM

But the comments about you were not hidden:

Masnick and his bunch of rabid free speechers sure don’t practice what they preach. Even comments that challenge Masnick’s view in a civil manner have been hidden, like this one:

This comment about a derogatory piece about a law professor is hidden (apparently the rabid free speechers only like lawyers who support their point of view, like Marc Randazza who recently was in a spot of bother from some questionable financial issues.

But this comment remains visible on the same webpage (clearly the Techdirt.com rabid free speechers support equality for women because they refer to the ones that disagree with them using the same derogatory terms).

Masnick has obviously gone crying to the website Pissed Consumer to get posts about him removed. These two were only on the website for a few days.

Take a look because only the cached copies of two webpages from Pissed Consumer are left. I wonder if Pissed Consumer read their own removal policy before they ignored the First Amendment rights of the posters on Masnick? (Clearly Masnick has some influence over Pissed Consumer’s commitment to free speech. Of course, I may be wrong and the authors were frightened into redacting the posts but removal does seem to have happened a rather quickly).

Masnick hasn’t had as much luck curbing the free speech that upsets him on Ripoff Report and Complaints Board (It will be interesting to see how fast the commitment to free speech is forgotten by these two websites).

Note that the second screen shot from Complaints Board was not sent to me by ‘anonymous coward’. I found it when checking the sources as I wrote this blog post. I would love to know how a free speech advocate managed to convince Pissed Consumer’s to abandon their commitment to free speech so quickly. I guess principles don’t matter when one is personally ‘butthurt’! Of course all of the rest of the world is simply cannon fodder for the rabid army. The comment lists on these webpages on Techdirt.com are replete with hidden comments that are clearly unacceptable to the rabid army even on posts displaying the most extreme views on free speech. 

Mike Masnick will no doubt be displeased, and will probably blame me (again) and may even unleash the full fury of his rabid free speechers. But one thing the last few years has taught me is that I am not a coward.   Masnick is no better than Magedson and he is simply a bully. So Mikey, the fact is that you been punk’d. It was bound to happen eventually. Toughen up Princess!


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