Ripoff Report founder Ed Magedson pays Darren M Meade to write false content

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Update: Darren Meade Uses Craigslist in Orange County CA to trawl for victims to extort. 

Darren M. Meade is or was a paid ‘reputation hitman’ (his own words) for the founder of Ripoff Report, Ed Magedson. This  email published in documents filed in a US court (and downloaded in October 2014) show that Meade admits he created content on Ripoff Report for payment.

Meade created content about me and my co-activist, the Australian forensic cyber investigator Michael Roberts, to satisfy Ed Magedson’s lust for revenge. Consider the evidence. Meade worked for Ed Magedson from 2011 until 2014 (when Ripoff Report threw him under a bus). Meade then tried to ‘obtain’ more money from Magedson using this video that Meade posted online briefly in August 2015. The full video is on this post along with other interesting information about Meade.

The video is an overview of the ‘work’ on character and reputation assassination that Magedson paid Meade to complete. Some of this ‘work’ includes setting up Michael and I. On 24 October 2013 the first of two ‘reports’ were posted containing false and defamatory accusations against an Australian Judge. This ‘report’ was posted the day after a notorious Australian conman was sentenced to three years jail by this Judge. I will not post links to the Ripoff Report webpages.

Note the graphic on one webpage containing false and defamatory content about Michael and I :

It is the same graphic that Meade displayed on his hard drive in the video (at 6.42):

A screenshot from the SERPs for my name was posted on the second Ripoff Report complaint about an Australian Judge:

And this graphic is shown in the above video of Meade’s hard drive:

Neither Michael or I wrote the reports about the Australian Judge. But wait, there is more. An additional comment on one of the Ripoff Report webpages in my successfull defamation action against Google Inc was added on January 16 2014 (when Meade was being paid by Magedson):

This image is also shown on Meade’s video of his hard drive:

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck….

The additional comments posted about me by Darren M Meade were, according to him, paid work from Ed Magedson, founder and editor of Ripoff Report. They are now evidence in my second claim v Google for defamation. This has been filed.

Meade recently attempted to convince Google Inc to hand over the damages in my successfull defamation case to him. As noted in my blog post, I tweeted the name of Google’s Australian law firm. They can deal with his insanity. 😂

Meade is not the only paid ‘stooge’ for Magedson. He has a long history of using ‘challenged’ individuals to do his dirty work. James Rogers is at present having a little holiday in an Arizona prison but he has spoken about Magedson writing content for him to post on tape.

Ed Magedson not only pays writers to produce content, he removes content if it does not suit him – i.e it is about him.

Magedson’s ‘business model’ and his lust for revenge are really starting to haunt him. My case set a global precedent and other litigation against Google over Ripoff report is pending in Australia. In the US Ripoff Report’s section 230 immunity has been challenged. 

Magedson is apparently living in a secret location because, as he  says in this interview, someone posted his address online. I guess that is what happens to people who destroy others for profit – karma catches up with them.

Intel tells us that Ed is paying Darren Meade (who is desperately and unsuccessfully trying to reinvent himself) to keep his mouth shut. But Meade will rat out Magedson rather than do time himself. The end is nigh!

More documents about Ripoff Report’s ‘activities’ are available for public access on this blog post. Paladin PI has a treasure trove of evidence about Magedson’s past criminal history and the ‘activities’ of his attorneys. There is also information on a Facebook page.

These are some of the example of cheques paid to Meade by Ed Magedson.



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