Jaguar Australia Supports Defamation and Extortion of Australians on

In October 2015, as a self represented litigant, I prevailed against Google Inc over false and defamatory publications on the infamous extortion racket, This did not sit well with some ‘free-speech’ nazis who neglected to do their homework. is run by the most hated man on the internet, Ed Magedson. It has hurt a lot of people over the past 15 years. Anyone who tries to defame or hurt those who stand up to Ripoff Report need to have a skeleton-free closet. It appears that Mike Masnick and Wendy Cockcroft do not fall into that category and reports of their ‘business practices’ were put on and by persons unknown.

Pissed Consumer promptly removed the reports of the business practices of Masnick and Cockcroft. I do not support the use of Ripoff Report and Pissed Consumer by anyone. However, when I received anonymous notification that had removed the content about Masnick and Cockcroft in exchange for favourable write-ups the temptation to write my own blog entry was just too difficult to resist.

A third disaffected free speech nazi, Dr Andres Guadamuz, not content with storifying his horror that I should stand up to him (and crying all over the internet that I was harassing him because I asked him to read the full trial evidence) decided to write an extremely defamatory post on


A comment by one of the cronies of a paid writer, Darren M Meade, was subsequently added.

I decided to ask to remove it. After all, they had quickly removed content about Masnick and Cockcroft. For the record, I did not offer to write a glowing review in exchange for removal. This was the response:

So, my choices are to spend money I do not have (the fight against Google is not over and my damages are held in the court until the appeal decision is handed down). I cannot work because the defamatory content remains on Google, I am on government benefits and I have less than a dollar in the bank and, as of writing, are almost $200K in debt (legal fees until the Google matter is resolved completely). Even if I could find the $500 needed to file an application for a court order there is no guarantee that would honour it-especially since they are in bed with (and Magedson hates me).

Guadamuz is not going to write a notarised letter in this life time so the final option is to pay $2,000 to Pissed Consumer’s legitimacy verification program. In other words capitulate to Pissed Consumers’ extortion. This is the same type of extortion racket run by Magedson through the Corporate Advocacy and Arbitration programs. I (and many others) are not businesses, we have not scammed or ripped off anyone yet will not remove obviously false and defamatory content without payment. and are enabled by Google to extort Australians in tow ways: Google ranks the website highly in its index and Google puts advertisements on these websites. I am going to lobby the major advertisers to stand up for Australians and complaint to Google about the use of their brand on defamatory, offensive and race hate content on

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