ABC Australia Removes Article Written by Sunita Bose, Policy Director of

ABC Australia Removes Article Written by Sunita Bose, Policy Director of

Update: December 2016

The website Think Progress has written an article on‘s propensity for accepting money from right wing organisations that promote hate speech.

The purpose of this post is to thank the ABC Australia for removing a distressing, defamatory and derogatory ‘article’ written about me on The Drum website (it is now closed) by a person called Sunita Bose after I won on liability for defamation against Google Inc. Bose’s article was removed by the ABC lawyers and a correction was published as soon as I notified them. I thank the ABC Australia for their prompt and compassionate response. The removal was enacted to alleviate my distress and without any reference to liability. The ABC Australia took the right action. Bose is a policy director for the petition website As her avatar photo and profile demonstrates, it is easy to purport to fight the evils in this world from the comfort of a middle class restaurant rather than get one’s hands dirty and to condemn those forced to fight against online abuse.

I was dragged through hell in the trial. I faced a bank of corporate lawyers by myself, with no legal experience and with 18 days notice to prepare. I went to trial because I wanted to stand up for my rights and those of other victims of cyberbullying specifically those on a website, Ripoff Report, that is known for extorting individuals and businesses. I won and set a global precedent which apparently displeased Bose. She accused me of threatening the freedom of speech rights of ‘real’ victims. I am not sure which restaurant Bose was in when she authored her nasty post but from what I can work out it was either in Sydney or San Francisco – hardly the trenches!

It appears that Bose did not care about the plight of the hundreds of victims of the Google enabled extortion racket, Ripoff Report. Surely she could not have missed their distress articulated on other petition websites.  Maybe she did not look or maybe she did not care! Bose’s diatribe was published when I was exhausted from a long fight. I tried to write a reply but the comments were closed. I remember sobbing in the supermarket. Even the Defendant’s own medical expert testified to the deleterious impact upon my health in the subsequent damages trial. Yet Bose decided to try and use my battle for victims of cyberbullying to impute that I was NOT a ‘real’ victim but a threat to other victims.

I am aware of the Manila Principles that Bose used as an exemplar of removals from Google to save ‘real’ victims. Clearly Bose did not read anything about my case or she would have known that I tried that approach years ago and failed in the court (in 2011) because there was no precedent. Had Bose bothered to do a bit of research she would haver known this! I set a precedent to help others. I did try to approach to assist but they refused. However, it promoted another cyberbullying petition which was remarkably popular possibly due to the tragic suicide of a well known Australian.

All that victims of cyberbullying want is for it to be stopped. Since I commenced my fight I have helped others obtain removal of content from Google, Facebook and websites and hosting services and supported other victims. I have tried to make a difference and succeeded. The Australian Government has done nothing to assist adult victims of cyberbullying. It has been a long battle and I have been close to suicide at times and this was referenced by the trial Justice in his damages judgement. Bose attempted to inflict further humiliation and distress.

While I have my opinion of why Bose would try to hurt a victim of cyberbullying to further her agenda and career, I will save it for my book.  But it is even more telling that Bose removed links to her article as soon as the ABC deleted it.

Bose’s twitter feed BEFORE her article was removed by The ABC 

Bose’s Twitter feed AFTER The ABC removed her article

Maybe Bose will write more articles about the plight of victims fighting real battles from her local restaurants in San Francisco or Sydney. This is not an issue of silencing the freedom of speech of victims. This is about protecting the rights of victims! Bose deleted her twitter references to the article that was removed by the ABC within hours of me tweeting the correction. Clearly she does not stand by her convictions. I seriously have no more words to write least I risk tipping over into contempt.  Oh, actually I do! Sunita Bose get out of your restaurants and grow a pair of balls and fight for, rather than condemn victims of injustice. Cowardice is NOT a good look!

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