Darren M Meade: Ripoff Report Paid Writer Charged with Rape

Darren M Meade: Ripoff Report Paid Writer Charged with Rape

Update: Listen to a recording of Darren Meade’s former room mate talk about Meade’s arrest here.

Update: Darren M Meade is using Craigslist in Orange County CA to trawl for victims to extort.

Darren M Meade admitted and provided video evidence that Ed Magedson, editor of Ripoff Report, paid him to write content about me and other people and businesses. In the video Meade describes some of the character assassination ‘work’ he performed for Magedson. A 6.42 the images Meade used on false comments he wrote on Ripoff Report about me are shown on his hard drive.The video (and other documents published on various websites) was clearly an attempt to entice Magedson to pay him to keep his mouth shut.

Meade was arrested in April and charged with rape and auto theft.

Update: 26 November 2016: Meade is now sending threatening letters to my domain host and demanding that Google put some sort of hold on the damages. Seriously? roflmao. A perfect example of why people should just say no to steroids. I wonder if Meade is also threatening the websites on which women reported his rape: Complaints Board, Bad Boy ReportThe Dirty and Badbiz Report.

I have written about Meade’s extensive history of harassment and extortion on this post.

It seems Meade has extorted quite a few people as evidenced by this post from 1 December 2016 (and I have no idea who the author is and it certainly wasn’t me).

Why is this important? Well, under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act Ripoff Report is immune from liability for the publication of defamatory content. However, as  US law professor, Mary Anne Franks notes, this law expressly states that no Internet entity has immunity from federal criminal law, intellectual property law or communications privacy law. Immunity only applies to online intermediaries of third-party content. Further, individuals who directly engage in unlawful online conduct or co-create online unlawful content are not protected.

A dossier of Ripoff Report’s criminal activities and employees can be found in the ClickaNerd files.

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