Darren M Meade Ripoff Report Paid Writer: Harassment and Extortion

Darren M Meade Ripoff Report Paid Writer: Harassment and Extortion

Update: Darren M Meade is using Craigslist in Orange County CA to trawl for victims to extort.

Darren M Meade is currently residing at 1335 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA. It is a homeless shelter.

Update: Meade has found temporary accomodation at 817 South Danbrook Drive, Anaheim, CA 92804 where he is currently attempting to evade service of a couple of lawsuits and hide from people he has screwed over for money.

Meade has been manically emailing me as well as Ripoff Report’s attorneys, Google, and my blog host for days and crying about his ‘good reputation’. This screenshot is part of a demand to Google Inc. Meade kept sending it even though the Google email kept bouncing so I tweeted the name of Google’s Australian lawyers, Ashursts. They can deal with him 😂

Apparently Meade is concerned about his ‘good name’ and wants the damages awarded in my defamation case to be given to him:

So, let us examine Meade’s ‘good name’!😂

  1. To convince shareholders that there was a successful and experienced hand running the company
  2. To defame Dr. Connelly
  • This is a video of Meade describing, with obvious enjoyment, his character assassination of Dr Scott Connelly:
  • From October 2011, Meade subsequently embarked on a protracted smear campaign against my Australian co-activist, Michael Roberts. The videos by Michael explain the events.
  • In 2012 Meade went to work for Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report as his self described ‘reputation hitman’ and I was one of his victims as stated on this post. But there were others and Meade was indicted in Iowa for a range of crimes including witness tampering and extortion.
  • In fact, it appears Meade has extorted quite a few people over the past few years, as evidenced by this recent post.
  • The full version of a warrant released in 2014 contains exhibits clearly implicating Meade is the crimes for which he was charged. It can be downloaded from adrive.com on this link (it is a large file).  This contains evidence that Ed Magedson paid Darren M Meade to defame numerous people. There are shorter versions of the evidence online here and here.
  • It appears that Magedson’s attorneys have had their hands in the cookie jar for a very long time. Information can be found on this link.
  • A detailed analysis of Magedson’s criminal history is provided by Paladin PI on his blog on these links:
  1. Social waterboarding chapters 1-8.
  2. Ripoff Report
  3. The Justice files (including on Meade).
  4. Reputation Arson on FaceBook
  • In the first half of 2015 Meade and Magedson had a falling out. In August 2015 Meade published a video online detailing all the reputation assassination work he did for Magedson, in an attempt to extort money. I guess there really is no honour among thieves! This is my post on Magedson paying Meade to write content about me. The full version of the video is on this link.
  • Magedson has sued the investigating prosecutor in Iowa in a civil action in an attempt to stave off the criminal charges. I am told the trial is scheduled for May 2017.

Meanwhile, as is evidenced by his current residence, is out of money and desperate. So he is doing what he always does and trying to get money out of other people. My damages are not in the USA. They are in an Australian court until the appeal decision is handed down. In the words from that great Australian film, The Castle, “he’s dreamin”.



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