Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report: A History of Harassment and Extortion

Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report: A History of Harassment and Extortion

Ed Magedson has a long history of harassment of people he perceives stand up to his extortion, get in the way of his criminal activities, or maybe because like many sociopaths, Magedson enjoys inflicting pain upon people.

Paladin PI has published a detailed analysis of Magedson’s criminal activities, the history of Ripoff Report and the key players involved in this extortion racket on his blog;

  1. Social waterboarding chapters 1-8.
  2. Ripoff Report
  3. The Justice files

Intel on Magedson, Ripoff Report and its cronies are published on ClickaNerd’s blog on this link.

A prime example of Magedson’s untrammelled drive to hurt people is the case of his one time neighbour, John Unger. The background to this is a lawsuit against Pizza Hut in which Ed Magedson was involved. Magedson and Unger created posts on Ripoff Report about Pizza Hut. Magedson’s motivation was the 50% commission from what was described as a ‘shakedown’.

Magedson has a history of manipulating and decimating his co-conspirators. In this recording (uploaded on my adrive.com) John Unger talks about Magedson’s harassment. It appears that this harassment included a letterbox drop by Magedson’s ‘special friend’ at the time, Eric Skelling:

Unger provided copies of his medical reports containing evidence of the deleterious impact on his health from Magedson’s harassment and they can be downloaded from this link.

These screenshots are from the protective order the court imposed on Magedson to cease harassment of Unger and the actual order can be downloaded from this link.

Magedson has a long history of paying people with ‘issues’ to do his dirty work. Darren M Meade made a video of the ‘work’ he performed for Magedson in an attempt to extort money to shut his mouth in the criminal investigation. The video is on my blog post. Further evidence of the involvement of Magedson and others is on this link.

Law enforcement is starting to get the picture so if any readers of my blog post are being harassed or extorted by Magedson or his cronies and would be willing to testify in a criminal trial please contact me and I will pass of details.

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