Ripoff Report, Ed Magedson and his Paid Employee, Darren M Meade Sued for USD$60 million: Gawkered!

Ripoff Report, Ed Magedson and his Paid Employee, Darren M Meade sued for USD$60 million: Gawkered!

Update: Darren M Meade is using Craigslist in Orange County CA to trawl for victims to extort.

Ripoff Report has been sued literally hundreds of times but has always won because of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Due to a combination of this law, the US Speech Act, and the protection of Google, Ripoff Report (RoR) has been able to get away with extortion for nearly two decades.

I will not repeat my previous research on this post (it can be found on my blog) but suffice it to say that by 2013, RoR’s founder, editor and chief extortionist, Ed Magedson thought he was set for life. But that is SO over now.

Ripoff Report and Ed Magedson have been effectively ‘Gawkered’.  Ripoff Report, Darren Meade, Ed Magedson and all of their twisted cronies have been sued as per the following taken from the documents filed in VA and transferred to the US Federal Court yesterday:

Magedson is a narcissistic, vindictive person who loves inflicting pain on others.  He has a long history of demonstrating the attributes listed in the DSM-5 as necessary for a diagnosis of Anti-Social Personality Disorder. He has no moral compass and a penchant for exploiting meth addict minors.  His ultimate ‘fatal flaw’ is his propensity to not only seek and enact revenge on anyone whom he perceives crosses him, but on their family, friends and associates. He has John Gotti syndrome, but remember that Gotti died in jail.

Darren M Meade is a rapist, who specialises in character assassination, harassment and extortion. One would think that this is a perfect match.  It was a perfect match made in hell – for awhile. But Meade is not your average drug addict. He is a conman with some internet skills, a common interest in hurting people, and a self-styled ‘Reputation Hitman’. But Meade is always two hookers away from the edge. Magedson though he had bought an ace but he was playing with the joker!

The Background

A US PI, Paladin, has written up a decades worth of his detailed research on Magedson’s murky part and present on his blog – here.

Shawn Richeson has documented information on Ripoff Reports’ employees on his website – here.

In 2011 I sued Google over Ripoff Report because they refused to remove the defamtory content. Under Australian defamation law Google is liable because they were notified and did not take down the links to the defamatory content. After more than four years of litigation, no employment and with no money left I represented myself in the Supreme Court trial. It commenced on 22 June 2015. On 27 October 2015 Google was found liable. I have since filed a second case against Google Inc because they did not and have not removed the links.

Ripoff Report and Google destroyed my career and my life. But as Google’s own medical expert testified in my trial, I am “more intelligent” and “more resourcefull” than most and this is why I survived. I won my case because I was able to demonstrate to His Honour that despite Google’s legal tricks (that cost them an estimated $2-3 million dollars in legal fees), I was innocent and Google were negligent.

Surviving the last few years was not easy. There were months at a time in which I thought that I would not make it. But my father always says to me, “don’t forget, you come from a long line of fighters who were not afraid to stand up’. He also told me to “never go into a gun fight carrying a knife”. This is good advice.  Along the way I was contacted by the Australian cyberbullying activist Michael Roberts. We became brother and sister in arms but have never met in person (we live more than 1600 kms apart) and have never had any sort of personal or business relationship.

The Beginning of the End

To cut a long story short, from early 2012, Magedson went after Michael under the guise of freeing a cold blooded execution style murderess from jail. The videos on this website tell the story.

Magedson paid Meade to go after the Iowa prosecutor, Ben Smith, his State’s witnesses in Richter’s murder trial, including her first husband, Dr John Pitman and even me. This was simply because Michael stood up for cyberbullying victims. But Magedson gets off on pain. Meade is Magedson’s karma!

Dr Pitman is a respected plastic surgeon, a US Reserve Army Major who treats those brave men and women wounded in the line of duty that defend the free world. He is also a victim of defamation and extortion by Ed Magedson.  He has sued for USD$15 million and the case is now in the Federal US court (transferred from the VA court).

The evidence of the extortion and other felonies committed by Magedson and Meade (and apparently sanctioned by their attorneys) on Dr Pitman can be downloaded from this link (it is a very large file). The current public court filings can be downloaded from this file.

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