Former Ed Magedson & Ripoff Report Protege Eric Skelling is a Criminal

Profiles of Ripoff Report Employees 

This is part of a series of blog posts on current and former Ripoff Report employees. Most seem to have two things in common – weak characters and the lack of a moral compass. The rest just like the easy money and/or share Magedson’s penchant for inflicting pain. They all like drinking the Ripoff Report kool aid or else why would they work for him.

Ed Magedson has a radar for these sort of people. Granted some MAY have been honest before Magedson got his claws into them. But sadly it does not last. Magedson pollutes everything that comes even remotely near him in one way or another.

Profiles are on Ed Magedson, Maria Crimi-Speth, Adam Kunz, Darren M Meade, Danny Scalf, Mary Hagen, Siamack Yaghobi, Stick Bogart, Charles Margolis, Michael Paris and others.

This post is about Eric Skelling, a former protege and ‘special friend’ of Ed Magedson and a career criminal. Skellng is partial to slip and fall scams and shaking down Pizza Hut!

Eric Skelling

Ed Magedson has a long history of using ‘challenged’ individuals to do his dirty work such as extortion, arson, issuing threats, and implementing sustained vendettas of harassment and reputation assassination on his targets. The most recent stooges are the pageant coach Charles Margolis and Michael Paris.

But before them there were others including Eric Skelling. A career criminal, Skelling has known Magedson from his Tupper Lake NY days. He has substance abuse problems and has been a guest of the prison system more than once. Skelling was Ed Magedson’s ‘special friend’ around 2003 when Magedson embarked on a sustained period of harassment against his neighbour John Unger that it forced him into therapy and into court to file a restraining order. You can hear Unger talk about Magedson on a recording on this blog post. Clearly, years later the man was still traumatised.

 Maria Crimi Speth used a perjured statement from Skelling to file a false police report and a law suit. During his deposition she suborned his perjury and provided him with legal advice. By 2007 Skelling was in jail.

Skelling has been arrested multiple times since including in 2012, 2013 and 2016:

True to form Skelling will be arrested again and with a bit of luck may just want to swap a stint in jail for some information on Magedson’s criminal activities and those of his attorneys for the bar complaint that will be coming Crimi-Speth’s way.

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