Ripoff Report and John B Richter Tries to Spook and Fails

Ripoff Report and John B Richter Tries to Spook and Fails

I received this in response to my proposed series on Ripoff Report employees: Ohhhh – I am intimidated and worried  – NOT!

Seriously?  The name of my dog Storm (and my previous dog Jake) is public knowledge in that I often tweet about them. But only someone connected to Ripoff Report would know that Magedson wrote this Ripoff Report page and aimed it at me. It appears from my blog stats that this ‘someone’ is in Chicago and is a serving police detective. So why would he be interested in my blog post?

Well, John Richter is a Chicago police officer and the brother of Tracy Richter, a woman who is serving life for a cold blooded execution style murder that was carried out purely to try and frame her ex-husband, a respected surgeon. In 2011, Richter was successfully brought to justice by the Sac County prosecutor, Ben Smith.

Tracey Richter subsequently embarked on a sustained and vicious campaign of harassment and intimidation of the Iowa State’s witnesses in her trial. This campaign was conducted from jail in collaboration with Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report and his stooge Darren M Meade. Dr Pitman has recently filed a civil lawsuit over the substantial personal and professional injury sustained as a results of this campaign by Richter, Magedson and Meade.

This attempt to spook me is merely an example of Ripoff Report clutching at straws because the civil case that they filed against this US prosecutor in order to stop the criminal investigation into Magedson is going to trial in May 2017. The Chicago detective, the convicted murderer’s brother John Richter and Ripoff Report are desperately looking for a way to use ANYTHING I write on my blog in the civil case against Ben Smith. I have never met or had any contact with Mr Smith. It appears that Mr John Richter may be in some sort of liaison with the criminal Ed Magedson.

Ed Magedson’s attorneys Maria Crimi-Speth and Adam Kunz probably contributed to this email but I think the driving force is Ed Magedson. Crimi-Speth stated that she read the judgment in my liability trial v Google. The phrase ‘reflects poorly’ was used in that judgement. I won but I represented myself against a bank of expensive corporate lawyers with no legal experience. Google ran a scorched earth defence on me, hid evidence, and dumped selected evidence on me less than 48 hours before the trial. This was a point in my appeal.

The Justice could only rule on evidence before him but at the later damages trial, in which I was represented by counsel, this was put to the Justice and he awarded me extra interest because of the stress of the trial.  I have had to live with this for the last year but it will be fixed in the next trial.

I have sued Google again because Ripoff Report are determined to punish me and persist in optimising and forcing the re-indexation of the defamatory content in the Google search results. However, with her reference to reading the pleadings Crimi-Speth has just provided me with vital evidence. So thank you for your stupidity!

The Ripoff Report founder Ed Magedson and his attorneys are worried that my publication of its employees’ criminal records and details will scare them and contribute to them ratting on him in the forthcoming civil and criminal trials. Tell someone who cares!

Come on Ripoff Report employees and attorneys, show some balls and put your name to these types of emails. Or, at least be a bit original in the content. Bloody hell, have you learned nothing from Joel Robbins?

I am unsure on how it works in the USA but in Australia any police doing the ‘dirty work’ of a criminal are in a whole pile of trouble and can be investigated and charged. I WILL turn the police detective John Richter into the Chicago Police Superintendent  if he harasses me OR if there is any evidence that he is involved with the criminal Ed Magedson!

UPDATE: Another email. This person is as bad at pretending to be Australian as Darren M Meade – Bazza?, Tim Tams?, fair dinkum?, Seriously? 

Magedson must be desperate. I didn’t think is was possible to find a stooge who is more stupid than Meade. But he did!

I replied to the above email: ‘Tell someone who cares! Fuck off!’ But then I realised that is not an email address. uses the email address The email was forwarded to my hotmail address and I replied from that email. Sure enough, it came back as undeliverable:

Clearly this email was not written by an Australian. So I repeat my response to the imposter Australian coward: Tell someone who cares! Fuck off!


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