Siamack Yaghobi Extortion

Siamack Yaghobi: Paid Employee of Ripoff Report

Update: Siamack Yaghobi has used SEO to remove this post from Google searches. I extended Yaghobi the same courtesy as his employer Ripoff Report. Read about it here.

This is part of a series of blog posts on current and former Ripoff Report employees. Most seem to have two things in common – weak characters and the lack of a moral compass. The rest just like the easy money and/or share Magedson’s penchant for inflicting pain. They all like drinking the Ripoff Report kool aid or else why would they work for him.

Ed Magedson has a radar for these sort of people. Granted some MAY have been honest before Magedson got his claws into them. But sadly it does not last. Magedson pollutes everything that comes even remotely near him in one way or another.

Profiles are on Ed Magedson, Maria Crimi-Speth, Adam Kunz, Darren M Meade, Danny Scalf, Mary Hagen, Eric Skelling, Stick Bogart, Charles Margolis, Michael Paris and others.

This post is about Siamack Yaghobi. He is notable because of his title as ‘Ed’s Aladin’. He is also one of the Ripoff Report employees who attempted to extort the renowned US plastic surgeon, army colonel, and American war hero (he was awarded the Purple Heart) Dr John Pitman.

Siamack (Sia) R. Yaghobi

Some of the criminals who worked for Magedson try to re-invent themselves as investigators, entrepreneurs and the like. According to his Linkedin profile Siamack (Sia) R. Yaghobi is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach.

Yaghobi was a paid employee of Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report – Ed’s Aladin. In November 2013 Yaghobi committed a felony by participating in the attempted extortion of a US plastic surgeon, Colonel in the Army Reserve and war hero at the direction of Ripoff Report. The false and defamatory ‘complaints’ about Dr Pitman were authored by another paid employee, the GHB rapist Darren M Meade.

The details are on this publicly available court document.

Dr Pitman has filed a lawsuit in Virginia against Ripoff Report, Ed Magedson,  GBH rapist Darren Meade and other conspirators for USD$60,000,000. But that is not the extent of the involvement in extortion by Yaghobi. The exhibits in the 2014 search warrant served on Anna Richter clearly show that Yaghobi was offering to remove adverse reports on the website Pissed Consumer if people signed up to one of the Ripoff Report programs. This is explained on Paladin PI’s blog.

Yaghobi was banned from his campus in 2013.

Hardly the qualifications one would want in a coach! This is his website on which Yaghobi flogs his supposed abilities. But would anyone take coaching advice from a person who tried to extort a respected surgeon and veteran? Buyer beware!

It appears that none of Magedson’s stooges want to accept responsibility for their actions. In this email Yaghobi refers to not wanting to have anything to do with criminals and scam artists. Too late mate! Magedson may be paying Yaghobi to keep his mouth shut but will he perjure himself in court and/or go to jail? Time will tell but most likely he will roll and save himself.



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