Adam Kunz Ripoff Report Attorney and Bagman

Profiles of Ripoff Report Employees 

This is part of a series of blog posts on current and former Ripoff Report employees. Most seem to have two things in common – weak characters and the lack of a moral compass. The rest just like the easy money and/or share Magedson’s penchant for inflicting pain. They all like drinking the Ripoff Report kool aid or else why would they work for him?

Ed Magedson has a radar for these sort of people. Granted some MAY have been honest before Magedson got his claws into them. But sadly it does not last. Magedson pollutes everything that comes even remotely near him in one way or another.

Profiles are on Ed Magedson, Maria Crimi-Speth, Danny ScalfEric Skelling, Siamack Yaghobi, Darren M Meade, Mary Hagen, Stick Bogart, Charles Margolis, Michael Paris and others.

This post is about Adam S Kunz, Ripoff Report attorney, COO and ‘bag man’.

 Adam Kunz: Ripoff Report Attorney and Bagman

Adam Seymour Kunz has worked for Ripoff Report since 2011. He is also an attorney for the law firm Jaburg Wilk in Arizona.  Kunz’s name was removed from the Jaburg Wilk website in 2014 after the criminal investigation into witness tampering and extortion by Ripoff Report, Ed Magedson, and its paid ‘reputation assassin’ Darren M Meade became public.

This investigation into witness tampering and extortion was the result of the publication on Ripoff Report of extreme false and defamatory allegations about the Iowa state’s witnesses in the murder trial of Tracy Richter. 

In an attempt to force the prosecutor to discontinue this criminal investigation into Ripoff Report and its employees, a civil lawsuit was filed in 2015. This is due to go to trial in Iowa in May 2017.

This was a very bad move because Ripoff Report will lose and the trial will produce more evidence of their criminal activities. Given that the criminal activities of  Ripoff Report are finally coming to light it is no wonder that  Jaburg Wilk and Maria Crimi-Speth have been attempting to distance themselves from Magedson and his crimes over the past couple of years! 

In 2016 two civil lawsuits were filed against Ripoff Report employees. The common denominator is paid Ripoff Report ‘reputation assassin’ Darren Meade.

The Virginia Lawsuit

Dr John Pitman, a renown US plastic surgeon, army colonel, war veteran, and recipient of the purple heart has sued for $60 million. Dr Pitman was Richter’s first husband and peripheral to the murder case. He was subjected to a prolonged period of defamation on Ripoff Report that destroyed his practice, ability to pay employees, and good name.

According to an article in Bloomberg Ripoff Report are trying to defend this case on the basis that these allegations are true. Seriously? This is a clear indication that Ripoff Report know that there is no defence and are trying to buy some time.

The defamatory posts on Ripoff Report were written by Darren Meade under the direction of Ed Magedson. Meade is no stranger to harassment and extortion and was paid more than $100,000 to write false and extremely defamatory content about Dr Pitman, the other Iowa state’s witnesses, Michael Roberts, me, and anyone whom Magedson targeted for vengeance.  Meade admitted this in a video that he posted online in order to shakedown Magedson. Luckily I found the video and it is now material evidence.

So what does Adam Kunz have to do with reputation assassination, witness tampering and extortion by Ed Magedson, Darren Meade and Ripoff Report? The answer is that the evidence in the legal documents filed in Iowa show that he is criminally complicit. These documents can be downloaded from Scribd or from my cloud drive. 

Kunz knew that Meade was engaging in paid reputation assassination and extortion for Magedson and indeed, paid him. In Arizona this is a crime under statutes A.R.S 13-1003 and 13-1004. Note the references to the conspiracy between Magedson, Kunz and Meade  (Iowa docs p.p. 71-2, 74 &77).

The Texas Lawsuit

Adam Kunz, Darren Meade and Ripoff Report have recently been sued in Texas for defamation by Shawn Richeson, owner of and a state’s witness in Iowa. The plaintiff’s petition makes it clear that the defamtory content was written by Kunz.

Although it was filed in November, the petition was only recently served on Kunz because he hid from the process server. I am pretty sure that this is not approved behaviour by the Arizona Bar. But while Kunz was hiding from the process server he was sending time stamped emails to me.

The communication was because I had been attempting to get some RoR reports redacted for two very distressed mothers whose children had been seriously adversely affected by revenge posts. What a wuss!

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