Danny Scalf: Harassment and Extortion for Ripoff Report

Profiles of Ripoff Report Employees 

This is part of a series of blog posts on current and former Ripoff Report employees. Most seem to have two things in common – weak characters and the lack of a moral compass. The rest just like the easy money and/or share Magedson’s penchant for inflicting pain. They all like drinking the Ripoff Report kool aid or else why would they work for him?

Ed Magedson has a radar for these sort of people. Granted some MAY have been honest before Magedson got his claws into them. But sadly it does not last. Magedson pollutes everything that comes even remotely near him in one way or another.

Profiles are on Ed Magedson, Maria Crimi-Speth, Adam Kunz, Eric Skelling, Siamack Yaghobi, Darren M Meade, Mary Hagen, Stick Bogart, Charles Margolis, Michael Paris and others.

This post is about Danny Scalf. A former army intelligence officer, Scalf currently presents himself as an international forensic consultant, investigator and expert witness who does a little acting on the side.

But Scalf’s resume neglects to mention that he was a major player in Ed Magedson’s extortion schemes.

 Danny Scalf

Danny Scalf conducted Magedson’s dirty work under a variety of names. One of these was Frank Torelli. A commentator mentions this name in terms of a Ripoff Report volunteer on the website.

Scalf described himself as an ‘investigative reporter’ for Ripoff Report on another comment:

A post on the Facebook page, Reputation Arson, details the attempt by Danny Scalf (using the name Frank Torrelli) to sell Ripoff Report information to the FBI about individuals and to class action attorneys about consumers (for $800,000 per year). Both of these activities are highly illegal.

In fact, the attempt by Ripoff Report to sell class action lawsuits was noted by the Judge, Charles R Norgle Sr in his opinion in George S May Intl, et al v. Xcentric Ventures, et al, No. 1:2004cv06018 – Document 111 (N.D. Ill. 2006) on pg 11.

This lawsuit was apparently settled and George S May International paid to join Ripoff Report’s Corporate Advocacy Program.

Danny Scalf was not adverse to using threats of wholesale devastation and destruction to force compliance. These screenshots are excepts from an email sent by Scalf using his Chinese persona to threaten a family into dropping a lawsuit.  The email can be downloaded from this link and more information is available about Danny Scalf on Paladin’s blog.


In 2008 Scalf received an ‘anonymous donation’ (see p. 2) to pay attorney fees in his divorce. Was this a bonus from Magedson or a payment to keep quiet?

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