Mike Masnick of Techdirt Sued for Defamation: Gawkered!

Mike Masnick of Techdirt.com: Gawkered

Mike Masnick and Tim Cushing are fond of using the favouritism accorded by Google to Techdirt.com to increase the distress of those who have fought back against online vilification, including me, and trashing any efforts to provide relief for victims, including of revenge porn.

Their excuse has always been that the correct action is to litigate against the author or shut up and cop it!.  But that did not stop Masnick using his influence with Pissed Consumer to get a review of his business, Floor64.com taken down.

But now someone has sued the author, Mike Masnick! Dr  Shiva Ayyadurai, has filed a lawsuit in the US against Masnick and Techdirt for defamation. The filed documents can be viewed on this link.

No doubt Masnick will enlist the services of attorney Paul Alan Levy. In an email to me Levy stated that he did not believe that Ripoff Report removed content for payment. As evidenced in the lawsuit by Dr John Pitman, Levy got that one wrong!

Masnick is a one dimensional thinker in that he believes that no-one has any online rights except him and his ‘boy band’ of anonymous cowards. He also is a one adjective kind of writer and uses the word ‘ridiculous’ to describe everything (and everyone) with which he disagrees.

Maybe Levy will represent Masnick pro bono but litigation is expensive and my money is on the attorney Charles Harder to obtain justice for his client. Of course, if Masnick and Techdirt goes the same way as Gawker – into bankruptcy, a lot of people will be cheering, including me.

This could not happen to a more deserving Defendant except for Ed Magedson! Oh wait, he has been sued for $60,000,000. 

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