Ayyadurai v Masnick: The Law in the USA and Australia

Techdirt has availed itself of its high Google page rank to disparage anyone and any laws designed to protect individual rights in the digital age in any country. Masnick and his band of ‘writers’ and followers invoke a sort of mob rule in which targets are routinely decimated not only in the articles, but in the comments.

Techdirt regularly hides or ‘moderates’ (they are not posted) any comments critical of Masnick.

This is an example of Techdirt hiding a comment about Masnick:

Techdirt does not only hide personal comments about Masnick but others that express disagreement with his diatribes. This is one of many examples:

Masnick really doesn’t understand the extent of hatred of Ripoff Report and Techdirt. My court victory brought out a lot of supporters. This unpublished comment was sent to me in response to this blog post that documented Masnick’s attempt to obtain removal of what appeared to be entirely legitimate criticisms of his business.

The comment was held for moderation but never published. More than 14 months later it STILL has not been published:

There are many other examples of Masnick’s censorship on Techdirt!

Masnick has decimated a lot of people, including me. The legal remedies differ between the USA and Australia, but they do exist.

Legal Remedies in the USA

In the US Masnick hides behind Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act – a fact that he points out ad nauseam. Like Magedson of Ripoff Report, Masnick has for years profited from the perversion of the First Amendment.  But defamation is not necessarily protected under The First Amendment.

In January 2014, after a sustained campaign of vicious defamatotion on Techdirt, Dr V.A.  Ayyadurai, the inventor of email, sued Masnick and Techdirt. His lawsuit is not about an opinion on who invented email. Masnick (who is now trying to flog T-shirts saying he invented email – seriously?) is claiming that free speech invokes the right to invoke public humiliation.


Dr Ayyadurai has a claim under US law because Masnick is the author of the defamtory content.

Legal Remedies in Australia

Offshore targets such as myself cannot take legal action because of The Speech Act. The way forward in Australia would be to sue Techdirt’s host, Cloudflare.com because it has assets in the form of bandwidth.

I was vilified and attacked on Techdirt.com. I asked for at least the comments that I am a criminal to be removed and Masnick refused. Apart from his great talent of constantly using one adjective, ‘ridiculous’,  for more than a decade, Masnick is a real sook and a wuss, as we say in Australia.

It appears that after I sent a legal concerns notice (for removal of defamtory content) to Cloudflare they have gagged him. But Masnick is passive aggressive and has actually looked for ways to surreptitiously invoke his mob revenge on me, and it has succeeded, to a point. This  comment was posted on an article written about by a fellow Australian activist:

Meade works for Ripoff Report as a paid reputation assassin. I do not own ANY reputation management businesses either alone or with anyone else and nor to I receive any income or benefits from them.  

Meade is a sexual predator, an extortionist and like many of the employee Magedson hires to do his dirty work, probably a drug addict. He is also indictive of the level of intelligence of most of Techdirt’s devotees. Let’s just say we are not talking the deep end of the gene pool!

I also received more personal threats emanating from Techdirt through my blog email. But of course, that was Masnick’s aim. 

Masnick must be really proud of himself – further damaging women seems to be one of his joys in life. After all, Techdirt was the only blog that published the name of a revenge porn victim who filed against Google recently.

So what am I going to do? If Masnick thinks I am going to comment on his website he is sorely mistaken. I am biding my time until after the appeal decision. Then I am going to sue Cloudflare Inc.

With a bit of luck Techdirt will be enveloped in litigation and go the way of Gawker – into bankruptcy and Masnick into oblivion. After all, who know’s what Denton is doing these days? As far as I can find out, he is currently being paid to be irrelevant – for awhile anyway.

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