Darren M Meade California Craigslist Conman Beware

Darren M Meade uses Craigslist (specifically the one in Orange County CA), to find new marks to extort. He is particularly targets the health industry. Meade will present as an ‘investigative journalist’, ‘brand whisperer’ and ‘businessman’ with an impressive resume (which is all false and most likely plagiarised). Meade will talk himself up. He may roll up in a Mercedes or other luxury car but, like one of his victims discovered, it will be stolen. He is a criminal with a long record of reputation assassination and extortion.

Very soon he will try to screw his business partners or bosses and will then write false and defamatory content on Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer and other websites. This will be indexed at the top of a Google search for the business or owners name-or both. Meade is a self-confessed reputation assassin and an extortionist and there is plenty of evidence on the Internet about his vicious campaigns against innocent people. I am happy to provide the name of some previous victims to anyone who wishes to verify the truth of this statement.


Potential business partners: Do not become involved with Meade. You will lose money and your reputation. Meade will trash you and it will be impossible to remove from the internet. In particular, keep him away from wives and daughters and NEVER accept a drink from Meade.

Meade is a paid reputation assassin for Ripoff Report.

Meade is currently hiding from process servers.

Meade recently tried to extort Google.

Meade is a GBH rapist.

Meade is under investigation from law enforcement because he wrote false content about state’s witnesses in a murder case: Witness tampering.

Meade is a former employee of Progenex. Less than a year after his employment he was charged with a number of felonies.

Meade is a snitch.

Meade plagiarises his content. A recent article ‘No-one wants to die’ that Meade published on LinkedIn was stolen from Steve Jobs.

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