Darren Meade Recalcitrant Copyright Thief

In addition to committing the crimes of rape, witness tampering, extortion,  car theft and fraud, Darren M Meade of California USA has a history of stealing the work of others and passing it off as his own. He has stolen and plagiarised

His breakfast. That’s right! Meade tweeted that he was having a ‘meeting’ breakfast and tweeted a photo:

 The photo WAS taken at the famed Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood – just not by Meade! He lives between a homeless shelter and the houses of anyone he can manage to con so it was a bit of a stretch believing that Meade would be eating breakfast at a famous celebrity hangout. Oh yes, and Meade is a pathological liar – always a red flag!. Meade stole the above photo. It was published on Chefs on Flipboard:

A Stanford University address by Steve Jobs:

As well as from numerous other authors such as Tim Ferriss  This is the author’s work:

Note that Meade has used the author’s works as his own:

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