Dr Shiva Ayyadurai sues Techdirt and Mike Masnick for Defamation

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai Sues Techdirt & Mike Masnick for Defamation

Dr V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of email successfully sued Gawker.com in 2016.  This was a significant victory for ordinary digital citizens who have their lives decimated by websites that masquerade as online news or consumer advocacy forums but, in fact, are profiting from the publication of false and defamtory content about individuals .

Dr Ayyadurai has once again stood up to websites that profit from cyberbullying and sued Techdirt.com and its owner Mike Masnick

See my comments on authorizedstatement.org.

In 2017 Techdirt followers decided to try and intimidate me because I support Dr Ayyadurai. 

While Masnick moans about the time and cost spent on defending his actions in court, Dr Ayyadurai remains resolute and focused on making the world a better place. In fact, he standing for the US Senate in Massachusetts. 

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