Calvary Chapel: Darren Meade Rapist & Thief is a Pastor?

Calvary Chapel is an association of evangelical Christian churches. Calvary Chapel also maintains a number of radio stations around the world and operates many local Calvary Chapel Bible College programs. It presents itself as a “fellowship of churches” in contrast to a denomination with over one thousand congregations worldwide.

Currently rapist, paid reputation assassin, and criminal conman Darren M Meade, is masquerading as a Pastor in the Calvary Chapel Ministry in Orange County CA.. Meade is wanted in connection with avoiding service in a $60 million dollar lawsuit. See this blog post for details. Watch this video in which Meade describes his work for criminal Ed Magedson.

Despite his current crimes the good people of the church refer to him as ‘Pastor Darren. Note the reference to Pastor Darren on this Facebook post in which Meade used a stolen photograph to lie about his breakfast – one of many instances of plagiarism and fraud committed by Meade.

This is the webpage from which the Sunset Tower breakfast Meade lied about was stolen:

Meade is a pathological liar. He lies about:

It seems the Calvary Chapel supports Meade’s lies. I tried to warn them but I did not recieve a response.

Note that Meade is referred to as Pastor Darren by Mitch Tata. she is the mother of a Calvary Chapel Pomona Pastor, Joseph Tata and the wife of a former Minister, Willie Tata.  Joseph Tata’s wife Teala Tata has a fitness beach body business, Teala Z Fitness in Laguna Niguel, Meade’s lurking ground.

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