Siamack Yaghobi, Ed Magedson’s Special Friend

Siamack Yaghobi, aka ‘The Oracle of OC’ attempted to extort an American war hero, a surgeon who treats vets. The order came from Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report.

Yaghobi hired a SEO firm to try and get my post removed from Google. Magedson, Meade, and others are now being sued for USD$60 million because they destroyed his practice.

Sia: Uncle Ed someone is hurting my reputation and she won’t stop.

Ed: Do you mean one of those nefarious, unscrupulous and disgraced Australians?

Sia: Yes uncle Ed. She wrote on her blog that you told me to extort a doctor. She said that you sent me to tell him that a Ripoff Report would be removed for USD$10,000.

Ed: Ripoff Report never removes reports unless they are about me or I am paid a lot of money.

Sia:  I asked a reputation management company to help me. They contacted her but she refused to remove the blog post. I don’t think she likes you uncle Ed.

Sia: The blog post is on page 1 of a Google search for my name. How can I prove that I am a results driven entrepreneur, professional copyrighter, best-selling author, international speaker and media executive while that blog post is online.  Anyone who reads it will think that I am a criminal.

Ed: Haven’t I taught you that the only reputation management companies that can remove webpages from Ripoff Report are the ones that pay me!

Sia: Uncle Ed, I am so upset because I had a flawless reputation on Google before she published that blog post. The Chapman University lied about the restraining order against me:

Sia:  You told me that asking business owners and doctors to pay for removal of reports was protecting consumers and not extortion.  I believed you because you said I was your Aladin.

Ed:  I wanted you far more than all the rent boys. They just take my money and leave but you are special because you helped businesses understand that they must pay me to keep their good reputation on Google.

Sia: Uncle EdI don’t want to be involved in this Iowa court case. The trial is soon and I am scared that I will be charged with felonies after Ripoff Report loses the lawsuit in Iowa.

Sia: I am also afraid that other details about my private life may be exposed.

Sia: Uncle Ed, I am very scared that I will go to jail because I worked for you.

Ed: The Feds are a bunch of knuckleheads. They cannot touch me because I will sue them like I have in Iowa.

Sia: But what about me? Uncle Ed, you promised you would look after me?

Ed: Don’t worry, blame everything on Darren Meade. I am setting him up to take the fall in the lawsuit filed by Dr Pitman. I will tell the Feds that my employees who wrote the reports are independent contractors and that the money I gave them was charity. I will tell law enforcement and the courts that I did not know the payments were for the purposes of witness tampering or extortion.

Information on the criminal activities of Ripoff Report and it Employees

Can be found here and here.

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