More Abuse From Techdirt

Techdirt ridicules and abuses people using the excuse of Free Speech. But it does not practice what it preaches. Techdirt regularly hides or ‘moderates’ (they are not posted) any comments critical of Masnick.

I have received two abusive emails from Techdirt supporters. Both have been given to my lawyers and as of 24 April 2017 to the police.  This one was sent in February 2017:

This email was sent this morning:

I received this email on 25 April 2017:

This is the person who seems to have sent the second email in this post. It references his comment on Techdirt.

I do not know his name as yet but he is a man aged in his late 40’s who lives in Campbelltown, Sydney, is married and has two daughters. One daughter is named Shannon and was an apprentice chef and now maybe is qualified. 

As of today, 25 April 2017, Techdirt have succeeded in really scaring me. I tried to sleep rigid with fear last night and vomited up my breakfast. I am locked in my house. They must be proud of themselves.

I am unsure if he is the person that appears to have hacked into my government records. I am liaising with the police. These some of his comments on Techdirt;

It is NOT acceptable to threaten and abuse people. Men who threaten to harm women are cowards but that does not negate the fact that I am terrified of physical harm, with good reason.  I have no choice but to ask the authorities to deal with it.

I continue to support Dr Ayyadurai. His attorney is quite capable of notifying me to cease my blog posts if he chooses.

I may be a lot of things but I am not a coward, unlike the majority of the Techdirt commentators who hide their identities.

These people purport to defend freedom of speech and yet hurl abuse at anyone who disagrees with their opinions, including their perceived right to terrify women with threats of physical harm!

Update: 26 April 2017

More abuse was emailed to me this morning. Referring to a woman as ‘paranoid’ because she was afraid of threatened physical harm – especially after someone tried to intimidate her, is a put down.

The threats come from admitted Australians. Isn’t ‘bugger all’ a specifically Australian expression? I lived in the UK and it is not a native term. I understand it is sort of offensive in the USA.

I hope these ‘men’ are proud of themselves. It takes a lot of cowardice to terrify a woman and yet hide their identity. Yes, I was a researcher and a very good one. The perpetrators have left enough ‘crumbs’ online to identify them, albeit through court orders. 

I have no intention of living a life locked up and terrified and trying to stay awake all night because I am too scared to sleep. The police and the courts will deal with this.

Further Update 26 April 2017

What is wrong with these people? Techdirt’s Australian cronies have threatened to hurt my dog. Why would they do this?

What can they possibly do to try destroy me now? Well, they can physically hurt me or they can hurt those that I love. This is all in the name of protecting free speech, they say! Seriously what is wrong with these people?

The person who appears to have escalated the emotional terrorism against me by Techdirt ‘is an ‘Insider’ – a member of their elite:

He uses the name G Thompson on Techdirt or @alpharia on Twitter. I noted his comments over the past months trying to goad me into a ‘flame war’. Despite what he believes, albeit without reading the evidence in the trial v Google, I did not engage in a flame war on Ripoff Report.

I was a consumer reporting a ripoff. Of course, in 2007, I did not know how the internet worked, let alone Google (which I did not use) or Ripoff Report. But of course, despite the fact that he purports to be an expert on evidence, G Thompson did not read all that was in the trial books. I would have gladly provided it, had he asked.

I noted that G Thompson had tried to goad me on Techdirt. it was clear from his comments over the past 18 months. I am not stupid! I chose not to buy into the abuse on Techdirt levelled at me since the trial.  

But everything escalated after I supported the man who is suing them for defamation in the US, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai. The abuse was sent to my blog email. I tried to ignore it but, over the last few days, it became clear that I should be very worried about the potential for serious physical harm. 

The terror directed at me personally, including threats of physical harm, started after I published my posts supporting Dr Ayyadurai. I thought that these were ‘mild’ and constituted free speech! But Techdirt ‘insiders’ and devotees apparently decided that my views should be punished with severe emotional terrorism and remind me that I was in danger of physical harm. It worked. I am so terrified that now I doze, not sleep, in a locked room.

My dad came home from hospital today. Tonight I will lock him in his bedroom with his cat, and stay with my dog in a locked room and literally shake because I am so tired from trying to stay awake because of fear for my physical safety. I have vomited up everything I have tried to eat for the last two days. 

I did not try to defraud Centrelink. I am the sole carer of a 94 year old man. After years of caring for him and fighting Google and living on my savings, I had nothing left. Techdirt is wrong! I declared all my assets and the IMac was a gift and I can prove everything with documentation. I am entitled to a carers allowance and all my documentation is transparent and registered with them. I guess their hackers put two and two together and decided to try and frighten me. Well they succeeded! I am terrified!

So who is this G Thompson/@alpharia aka Techdirt insider?  Well, he is also a very cruel man. I am terrified. I cannot keep any food down and I lock myself in my house except for one trip to the shops a day.  I cannot go to the park, have a coffee in a cafe.

Tomorrow I will go to my doctor and worry that my dog will be hurt as was promised today by another Techdirt Aussie because the threats have escalated since I spoke out on this blog. They have been levelled at me via others who purport to be Techdirt supporters in Australia and include threats to hurt my dog. What is wrong with these people?

G Thompson has two daughters, one of which is a 22/23 year old woman named Shannon. As far as I can find out they live in Campbelltown in Sydney and she is a chef. 

I wonder would he scare one of her friends into literally throwing up their meals with fear because she spoke her opinion or fought for her rights? Would he say to “come and get me” and then, because she ignored his command, would he or the other Techdirt people try to inflict more terror by referencing government data, imputing fraud, and threatening to hurt her dog?

Would G Thompson teach the male friends of his daughters that if women dare to disagree they must be abused and terrified? I am not an expert, but isn’t that attitude of abuse towards women connected with the perpetration of the cycle of domestic violence against women?  

The teaching from fathers’ to daughters that they should obey men or expect abuse is, as I understand it, part of the cycle? Or is it just that this person targets women that he can abuse while remaining anonymous? My god, what is wrong with this man?

I, or most people who are not cruel, would NEVER subject anyone’s daughter or their friends, or any woman or man who stood up for their rights to the sort of terror that Techdirt has inflicted on me. But why would anyone respect a father who would abuse women? And yes, referring to me as a ‘loon’ and a ‘vexatious litigant’ is abuse!

But it appears that the infliction of emotional terrorism on me was all for the amusement of the Techdirt boys! They have the power of numbers and the Google page rank so, of course they can terrify anyone at will. 

Well, it worked! they have beaten me down. I am terrified and tired and so I guess they managed to achieve their objective: To scare a woman who happened to disagree with them. And no, it is NOT paranoia when someone threatens a women on behalf of a group, identifies her address, and says he will hurt her and her dog.  

I don’t know who they are yet, but they are clearly Australians. I am going to court in a few days to obtain orders to try and stop this and to obtain protection via the court. Of course, as Techdirt points out, they are untouchable. But, with a bit of luck, I know enough about the Australians to get court orders to obtain further identification.

Meanwhile, Techdirt devotees will no doubt continue to vilify me on the blog, as they have done for 18 months. Is this Techdirt’s version of free speech? Congratulations, Mike Masnick and the Insiders: You beat me. Please just don’t kill my dog, I beg you!


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