Censored on YouTube by Mike Masnick and the Personal Democracy Forum

Censored on YouTube by Mike Masnick & the Personal Democracy Forum

UPDATE: 15 June 2017

My comments are now visible to the public.

The 2017 Personal Democracy Forum, under the leadership of Andrew Rasiej, a New York based Internet entrepreneur who espouses civic values, included an impressive array of speakers. The forum also included a presentation by Mike Masnick of Techdirt on the lawsuit filed against him by Dr Ayyadurai, the inventor of email and a 2018 candidate for the Senate in Massachusetts.  Because of my support for his lawsuit, Techdirt has actively attacked me using intimidation and scare tactics. Masnick sent his goons to my blog with threats to rape me and kill my dog as well as trying to impute that I defrauded the Australian government. 

On 13 and 14 June 2017 (Australian time) I posted two comments (in the space of about 12 hours) on this YouTube video posted by the Personal Democracy Forum in which Masnick was crying to the audience about his ‘suppressed speech’. In my comments I referenced my blog post containing proof that Masnick is a hypocrite (and the head honcho of a band of disaffected, anonymous cowards that vilify targets directed by Masnick).

My previous blog post provided evidence that Masnick used his contacts to obtain removal of content about him and his business from the website Pissed Consumer. Yet, Masnick refused to remove comments falsely stating that I am a criminal and should be locked up as well as other descriptions of me as a ‘cunt’, criminal’ ‘loon’, ‘vexatious litigant’, ‘stalker’ and suggestions that should be hit with a bat because I dared to support Dr Ayyadurai. These threatening and abusive comments on Techdirt continue into 2017.

Both of the comments that I posted on the Personal Democracy Forum’s YouTube account on the video of Masnick’s’ presentation have been hidden from public view. This is a screenshot of my comments on the video when I was signed into my Youtube account. The comments are visible ONLY to me:

This is a screenshot from the public view (i.e. when I am not signed in to my account). My comments are NOT visible to the public:

This screen video shows that my comments are still hidden from public view.

I have been censored by the Personal Democracy forum. So what does it say about diversity of viewpoints?

I wonder what Andrew Rasiej has to say about this? 

Hiding Comments as a Form of Censorship

In 2011 Google used the same process to hide my blog from indexing in its SERPs. Techdirt uses this function of ‘hiding’ comments liberally as a form of censorship. Some examples of Techdirt webpages with and without hidden comments can be downloaded from my cloud drive ADrive on this link. It is a paid subscription and virus free. They comparisons provide an good overview of how Techdirt censors its content – in the name of free speech, of course!

The Backpage.com Atrocity 

DO NOT forget that the organisations that pay Maznick and Techdirt such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Centre for Democracy and Technology the Computer and Communications Industry Association,  The Telecom Council (of Silicon Valley), the Personal Democracy Forum, and the tech corporations that fund them such as Google, Microsoft, CloudFlare, Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo, and other major tech corporations  have a vested interest in crushing individual rights on the Internet, including supporting websites that sell children such as Backpage.com.  The report containing information about the Google links with the EFF and CDT can be downloaded here.

If, by any chance, some readers are ‘moved’ by Masnick’s tears, then watch the film ‘IamJaneDoe’ and realise the true extent of devastation of the corporate evil and the paid shills that shape the Internet. The selling of babies is enabled by the same backers that put Masnick in a position of page rank power and influence. But Masnick has never been known for an ability to write an article that contains even a hint of critical analysis. He relied on decimating his targets and firing up his army of goons who, when I did not engage, came after me and threatened me with intimidation rape me and to kill my dog.

But I am still standing. I have a fought a very long battle and lost my career, been subject to abuse because I fought Google and won only to be hit with vitriol, defamation, and  threats. Most of these came from paid writers of Ripoff Report and Techdirt. So if I am less than sympathetic to Masnick who faces losing his little kingdom, well, tell someone who cares.

The IamJanedoe film was an eyeopener for me. The brave women such as Kubiiki PrideMary MazzioJohn Simpson from Consumer Watchdog, and Scott Cleland who advocate for children against the entrenched and powerfull corporate interests and who stand up and #speakoutfightback show me that there is strength in ordinary people who fight back!

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