Weight Watchers and Google Finance Hate Speech and Abuse on Ripoff Report

Weight Watchers & Google Support Hate Speech & Abuse on Ripoff Report

1. As noted in this Forbes.com article, Google and Ripoff Report have earned millions of dollars of advertising revenue from this website.

2. Ripoff Report is accorded a high Google page rank.

3. The website is full of homophobic, racist and misogynistic content and webpages that endanger children and abused partners by publishing identifying details including photos, location and even the birthdate of minors and defames individuals and businesses.

4. Ripoff Report charges exorbitant fees to ‘rehabilitate’ reputations and even advertises ‘before and after payment’ search results in Google.

5. In late 2013 I notified advertisers and ad servers of the offensive content on Ripoff Report by providing a detailed overview.

6. As a result in January 2014 Google removed its advertisements globally and Ripoff Report dispatched one of its paid writers to produce additional defamtory content on the website. As shown in this video, Darren Meade wrote that I and a cyberbullying activist, Michael Roberts, hired hackers to defame Australian Judges in order to extort Google.

7. In April 2015 Google once again commenced serving advertisements on Ripoff Report including on thousands of pages of offensive content. Weight Watchers advertisements continue to be served on the content found defamatory by four Australian Supreme Court Justices as well as on webpages containing homophobic, racist and offensive content.

8. Google employees assist Ripoff Report (and probably other websites) to circumvent automated algorithmic processes to detect offensive content. In light of the email from the editor of Ripoff Report to his attorneys and engineer discussing this assistance, the assurance  of Google Australia’s Managing Director Jason Pellegrino defending programmatically-traded digital advertising  is challenged (This exhibit is on pp. 644-45 in a very large file of legal documents containing copious evidence of Ripoff Report extortion and vendettas and it can be downloaded here.)

Note an email from Google to Ripoff Report advertising was suspended due to its policies of not serving ads on content that advocates against any group organisation or individual. Subsequent emails discuss ‘working with Google’ to circumvent this policy. An Investigation by BMW confirmed that Ripoff Report this avoidance of a advertising blacklist. The emails can be viewed here.

Weight Watchers Advertisements on Ripoff Report 2013-2015


Weight Watchers Advertisements on Ripoff Report 2017


Samples of Weight Watchers Advertisements on Offensive Content on Ripoff Report

Note that these screenshots were taken of Weight Watchers advertisements displayed in Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK over a period of four years on extremely offensive content on Ripoff Report.  Most of this degrades women although in the downloads there is examples of Google advertisements on Ripoff Report webpages containing homophobic content and hate speech. 



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