Bullying by Google 2018

Bullying by Google in 2018

One of the methods Google is using to try and bully me into giving up is to spend a substantial amount of their own money trying to avoid paying my costs for the first trial. In this email, the Defendant, who spent in the region of $2-3 million on their own court costs is bitching about paying a small amount of $37,000 my entitled costs:

Google have also written letters trying to scare or intimidate me with respect to my upcoming legal argument in an interlocutory application for an ‘Equustek’ type of injunction and to proceed with my second case. This did not work in 2015 so why on earth do they think it will work now? They are trying to get the case thrown out although I have no idea of on what legal basis. the Defendant did not seem to know the answer to this at a recent directions Hearing.

Blue J has given them until 16 June to come up with something so I will be interested to see them try to twist the evidence – again! I will post it online when it is filed. Meanwhile  their application for summary judgement is uploaded on this link. 

I think that Google is once again wasting money on legal applications that they know they cannot win but whatever….

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