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Google v Dr Janice Duffy Appeal over Ripoff Report

Heard Before Justices Kourakis, Peek and Hinton: South Australian Supreme Court May 4-6 2016 This Appeal is the highest and most important decision with respect to Google in Common Law anywhere in the world.  It is not really about me! This is about clarifying the law. On one hand I wish this didn’t happen. But […]

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Is Ed Magedson from Ripoff Report on the Run?

Where is Ed Magedson? Last year I published the address of Ed Magedson, founder and editor of Ripoff Report and narcissistic bully who profits from and gets his kicks out of emotional terrorism. If this assessment seems a bit harsh consider Magedson’s statements in this interview for Forbes magazine. At the time Magedson lived in […]

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Criminal Trial of Ripoff Report Paid Writer Darren M Meade Starts on May 27 2015 in the USA

The State of Iowa v Darren M Meade: May 27 2015 The criminal trial for extortion, witness tampering and hindering a prosecution of the RipoffReprot.com paid writer, Darren M Meade commences in Iowa on May 27 2015. He faces up to 25 years. Meade published more than 55 separate ‘reports’ on the website Ripoff Report […]

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Ed Magedson Ripoff Report Cyberbully: Home Address

UPDATE: 21 December 2016 Magedson has opened a ‘virtual office’ at the following address: 6424 E Greenway Parkway Scottsdale AZ 854254 Magedson and Ripoff Report have been sued for USD$60 Million The lawsuit was filed in Virginia by a US plastic surgeon and Army Colonel, Dr John Pitman. Magedson paid a stooge, Darren M Meade […]

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The O’Reilly Factor and Fox News vs Ripoff Report

  Bill O’Reilly: Ripoff Report Engages in “Extortion” On May 20th 2014 Bill O’Reilly aired a segment on his show on Fox News with the title The Worst Websites in America. Guests on the show, tech expert Cassie Slane and attorney Alex Little were asked to nominate two websites that they considered fitted this title. Ms Slane nominated Ripoff Report. […]

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Suing Google for Defamation over Ripoff Report Update 2014

  My Defamation Trial against Google over Ripoff Report His Honour Judge Dart ordered earlier this week that dates for my defamation case against Google must be set in a pre-trial conference in early November. This is a welcome development after fours years of dealing with Google’s attempts to twist fact in order to ‘deep […]

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Why I am suing Google.

I filed proceedings because I had no choice if I ever wanted to work again. At that time I thought that Google would just remove the defamatory  material and it could be quietly settled. After they were served Google Australia removed some defamatory links and snippets from the local domain. Google has since argued that Google Australia have […]

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Did Matt Cutts Re-Index the Defamatory Material?

In my last post I wrote that this blog had suddenly been restored to the SERPS for my name after I referred to Matt Cutts (and his Google cronies) as being deficit of a soul. My blog was not restored because of any altruistic motive. The reason was solely concerned with their somewhat childish need to prove that they do not censor […]

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Google No Longer Censoring this Blog: Did Matt Cutts Intervene?

  Well, it has been an interesting couple of days. I posted a brief outline of the case on a SEO blog run by by Potpie Girl. She is a well known and prolific SEO writer. Matt Cutts replied to her post about the impact of human Google raters.  I will not go into detail about […]

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Google removes offensive autocomplete entry about an Irish hotel

In June 2011 the Ballymascanlon House Hotel in Ireland filed legal proceedings against Google Ireland because a search for their name produced the word ‘receivership’ in the Google autocomplete feature. According to Google, the autocomplete ‘predicts and displays search queries based on other users’ search activities’. The hotel hosts weddings and this term next to its name cased […]

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Are Google ‘Cooking the Books’, and Frying their Advertisers?

My blog was relegated to internet oblivion by Google within literally days of their awareness that it was online. I guess they believe that ‘freedom of speech’ applies to everyone, except Google. Of course, the fact that I am suing them may have something to do with their decision to manually adjust its position in their index. This morning I noticed […]

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