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Abusive Comments on Techdirt

The following are a list of SOME of the abusive and defamatory published about me comments on Techdirt. I had asked the owner Masnick to at least remove the comments falsely saying that I am a criminal. He refused. Negative comments about him or other ‘insiders’ are either not published or ‘hidden’. The abuse has […]

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Ayyadurai v Masnick: The Law in the USA and Australia

Techdirt has availed itself of its high Google page rank to disparage anyone and any laws designed to protect individual rights in the digital age in any country. Masnick and his band of ‘writers’ and followers invoke a sort of mob rule in which targets are routinely decimated not only in the articles, but in […]

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Darren M Meade: Ripoff Report Paid Writer Charged with Rape

Darren M Meade: Ripoff Report Paid Writer Charged with Rape Update: Listen to a recording of Darren Meade’s former room mate talk about Meade’s arrest here. Update: Darren M Meade is using Craigslist in Orange County CA to trawl for victims to extort. Darren M Meade admitted and provided video evidence that Ed Magedson, editor of […]

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ABC Australia Removes Article Written by Sunita Bose, Policy Director of Change.org

ABC Australia Removes Article Written by Sunita Bose, Policy Director of Change.org Update: December 2016 The website Think Progress has written an article on Change.org‘s propensity for accepting money from right wing organisations that promote hate speech. The purpose of this post is to thank the ABC Australia for removing a distressing, defamatory and derogatory ‘article’ […]

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Google v Dr Janice Duffy Appeal over Ripoff Report

Heard Before Justices Kourakis, Peek and Hinton: South Australian Supreme Court May 4-6 2016 This Appeal is the highest and most important decision with respect to Google in Common Law anywhere in the world.  It is not really about me! This is about clarifying the law. On one hand I wish this didn’t happen. But […]

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Ripoff Report DO Remove Webpages and Posts from their Website

Magedson will remove webpages about himself that ‘sneak’ through the ‘mommies’. Don’t believe me? Try finding the webpages in these screenshots on the website. go on, do a search for Magedson or the report numbers:                 Readers, feel free to copy these screenshots and use them to deposition […]

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Is Ed Magedson from Ripoff Report on the Run?

Where is Ed Magedson? Last year I published the address of Ed Magedson, founder and editor of Ripoff Report and narcissistic bully who profits from and gets his kicks out of emotional terrorism. If this assessment seems a bit harsh consider Magedson’s statements in this interview for Forbes magazine. At the time Magedson lived in […]

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Google Sued over Search Results: Recent Cases.

In 2002 the Australian High Court Judge Michael Kirby wrote in a judgement: Apart from anything else, the costs and practicalities of bringing proceedings against a foreign publisher will usually be a sufficient impediment to discourage even the most intrepid of litigants. The case concerned the publication of an article about a prominent Australian, Joseph […]

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