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Mike Masnick and Techdirt: Lessons from Hypocrisy

Mike Masnick & Techdirt: Lessons in Hypocrisy Masnick’s ‘Distress’ In a recent Techcrunch article, ‘Techdirt’s Mike Masnick says lawsuit has already had a chilling effect on his site’ the author, Anthony Ha wrote that the focus of Masnick’s presentation to the Centre for Personal Democracy concerned the lawsuit in which Dr V.A Ayyadurai, the inventor of email, is suing him and […]

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Abusive Comments on Techdirt

Abusive Comments on Techdirt This blog post contains SOME examples of the abusive and defamatory comments on Techdirt.com. From June 2015, when media on my forthcoming trial for defamation against Google was published, Techdirt regular commentators made it clear that I was going to be subjected to vitriol and ridicule. I asked Masnick and Cushing on […]

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More Abuse From Techdirt

More Abuse From Techdirt Techdirt ridicules and abuses people using the excuse of Free Speech. But it does not practice what it preaches. Techdirt regularly hides or ‘moderates’ (they are not posted) any comments critical of Masnick or Techdirt or that does not fit with THEIR view of free speech: In addition to 18 months of […]

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