Darren M. Meade: Wanted

Darren M. Meade of Orange County, California, USA: WANTED

Darren M Meade lives in Orange County, California, USA. Meade is currently evading service of legal documents for a lawsuit in which he is one of the Defendants who destroyed the medical practice of an American war hero and tampered with State’s Witnesses in a murder case.

Meade’s haunts vary from Laguna Beach to Huntington Beach, up to Aneheim and down to Mission Viejo.

Meade is currently driving a 1990’s Japanese car and showering at gymnasiums or facilities for the homeless.

Considerable evidence of Meade’s crimes is available on my blog:


Harassment and Extortion

Defrauding Businesses

Reputation Assassination on Ripoff Report and other websites for which he and other Defendants are currently being sued for USD$60 million

Copyright Theft

Further evidence of Meade’s criminal activities is available here.

WARNING: Do not do enter into any business deals with this person and women should never accept a drink from this man. It could be spiked with GHB, the date rape drug.

Meade is currently attempting to avoid service of legal documents. If anyone knows his whereabout please contact me and I will inform the authorities.