Duffy v Google 2015

Duffy v Google: 2015

UPDATE November 2015: Google Inc has been found to be a publisher in the Victorian Supreme Court.

I have a team of lawyers doing the legal work  now and it is such a relief. My lawyer, Ted Guthrie was recently featured in a podcast on the ABC Law Report hosted by Damien Carrick and with another legal expert,  Dr Nicolas Suzor.

Update 16 June 2015: The trial is set to start in front of His Honour Justice Blue in the South Australian Supreme Court next Monday 22 June 2015. If the conduct of the Defendant during the last week is any indication they are going to try and further destroy my character. I am exhausted because I have had to do all the trial books and deliver subpoena’s etc myself because I have no remaining funds. Plus the Defendant’s are trying to make the whole process as difficult for me as possible. The Judge is clever and fair and I feel safe.

I still cannot figure out why Google would pay three law firms, two barristers and a QC literally hundreds of thousands of dollars rather than just remove the links to the defamatory content. That is all I wanted, for them to be removed. And yet, here I am almost 6 years and a couple of dozen removal notifications later facing a trial. This is a seminal case in Australian law because Google are pleading non-publication. I have no doubt that Google will take this to the High Court. They could not have picked a less suitable test case.

Update June 2015: My trial in my defamation action against Google in starts in the South Australian Supreme Court on Jun 22 2015. Unfortunately it looks like I will be representing myself in my trial against Google. Please see my blog post.