Legitimate Consumer Websites?

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 November 2014: To be Updated Soon

If Ripoff Report is a scam are there any legitimate online consumer protection organisations?

There are several types of ‘consumer report’ websites and it is easy to become confused about their legitimacy and safety. The safe websites are those run by government departments.

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The ‘for profit’ rip off–complaint- scam–fraud websites are indexed in a prominent position on the Google SERPs and this confers legitimacy and can provide a false sense of security to consumers.  Considerable information privacy risks are associated with registering with these websites. The privacy of consumers who post complaints is compromised.

For example, a US Judge accepted evidence in a  US court case that the website Ripoff Report attempted to sell a list of consumers to a class action law firm for USD$800,00 per year.

In a deposition for another court case, the Ripoff Report editor, Ed Magedson  admitted that he passed on the names of consumers who registered on the website to the companies about which they complained. Moreover, it appears that the paid endorsement of some companies has resulted in the provision of misleading information to consumers.

The ripoff-complaint-scam-fraud websites earn substantial revenue from three sources:

  • Companies pay substantial amounts to’ rehabilitate’ their reputation.  In the case of Ripoff Report this amounts to a ‘one time’ fee of several thousand dollars plus an ongoing fee. These costs were entered into evidence in several US court cases.
  • Google places advertisements on the webpages and shares the revenue with the website owner
  • They sell the details about companies and businesses ‘reported’ on their websites to ‘reputation repair’ specialists. This is reported on the websites of companies named on Ripoff Report