Ripoff Report Extortion is Enabled by Google

Ripoff Report Extortion is Enabled by Google

Ripoff Report and Ed Magedson are able to extort individuals and businesses because its high Google page rank ensure that content is indexed at or near the top of the google search results (SERPs). According to Ripoff Report is ranked in the top 6,000 websites in the US and in the top 21,000 globally.

In contrast my blog is ranked in the top 20 million websites.

Ripoff Report even provides examples of the Google SERPs before and after payment to them on the website:

Google SERPs before payment to Ripoff Report:

Google SERPS after payment to Ripoff Report:

This reputation ‘rehabilitation ‘ does not come cheap. The following costs have been filed as exhibits in US lawsuits:

Ripoff Report states that it never removes material. Yet, court documents contain evidence of ‘selling’ removals for the cost of $10,000 a webpage.

Google Knows About Ripoff Report Extortion

Google has been aware for at least decade that Ripoff Report publishes false content and uses its high page rank as a means to extort payment for the ‘rehabilitation’ of reputations in its SERPs. In March 2008 Matt Cutts, the former public face of Google, stated on his blog that they would not remove Ripoff Report unless a court told them to do so.

I have sent evidence of Ripoff Report’s extortion to Google on multiple occasions.

The reason that Google refuses to take action is NOT concerned with free speech. Rather, it is about advertising profits: This popular video by Michael Roberts provides some insight into that question: