Siamack Yaghobi: Wanted

Siamack Yaghobi WANTED

Siamack (Sia) R. Yaghobi was, or is an employee of Ripoff Report tasked with shaking down business owners for Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report.

Yaghobi currently describes himself on LinkedIn:

Yaghobi also apparently now is associated with a ‘virtual incubator’ based in Dubai called Faster Capital:

Email evidence shows that  Yaghobi was involved in extortion with Darren Meade and directed by Ed Magedson:

Yaghobi was also barred from the Chapman University campus so he is the sort of employee that Ed prefers-ones that have a few skeletons in the closet and/or ‘issues’.

Yaghobi refers to himself as ‘the oracleofoc’ on Facebook and Instagram. He lives in the part of Orange county as Darren Meade. If anyone knows how to find Siamack Yaghobi please contact me and I will pass on the details to the appropriate law enforcement and legal authorities.

The clock is ticking with 51 days until the Iowa trial. Although I suspect that will only be the start of Yaghobi’s problems because extortion is a felony in the USA and it appears that he has lost his appeal as Ed’s ‘special friend’.  A little trip under a bus may await Yaghobi, just like Meade.