Squadron Leader Kevin Duffy RIP

Squadron Leader Kevin James Duffy:

4 November 1922 – 21 March 2018

My Dad, RAAF pilot from age 21, test pilot on the controversial GAF Nomad, restorer of the Mustang Duffy’s Delight, engineer, flight instructor and dog lover passed away in March 2018.

He was given a wonderfull military service by the RAAF. I was his carer during his last years and I miss him very much.

Just before he passed away my Dad was forced to sell his parents house because his nephew, Rory Duffy (who inherited half of the house from his father), wanted the money.  The Affidavit of Rory Duffy makes this abundantly clear. Apparently the problem was with the changes in the assets test Rory Duffy and his wife could not get a health care card because they had too much money.

The house was bought by my Dad’s parents during WW2. My father, his brother, and their father all served. My grand dad served in both world wars. He was wounded on the Western Front during the Battle of Pozieres and took a desk job in WW2.  My Dad always said to me that I come from a long line of fighters.

After my grand parents passed the house was owned by my father and his late brother, Reg Duffy until he passed. My father’s nephew, Rory Duffy, took a 95 year old man to court to force the sale because, as stated in his affidavit, he wanted the money.

Because Google are delaying paying my court costs from the first case (to try and make me go away) I could not save it.

The long fight against Google over so many years resulted in extremely difficult consequences (such as threats from trolls) but they are nothing compared to the anguish of seeing my my Dad so distraught in his last months, weeks and days of life.

The house was sold on 10 March 2018. I attended the auction and when it was sold I went home and told my Dad and it broke my heart to see him, thin and frail and with tears running down his face.

My Dad stopped eating that day and passed away 11 days later. He died with a broken heart.

I told Rory Duffy that a forced sale would kill my Dad but he persisted in forcing the sale and there was nothing I could do because partition of property is the law.

Rory Duffy is now dead to me! But he is also an inspiration because at only 3 years older than me he is morbidly obese and needs two walking sticks to get from the kitchen table to the couch! Whenever I think of vegging out in front of the TV rather than exercising or look at a cake at the coffee shop I think of Rory and suddenly my motivation  to eat clean and exercise comes back.

It works! The kilos I put on comfort eating during the battle against Google are coming off.