Google Censored this Blog

In response to the growing realisation that the Ripoff Report defamation was not going away, in October 2011 I decided to put this blog online in order to tell my side of the story. This meant that I had to learn how to actually upload a blog.

Nonetheless, it went live in the first week of October 2011 and was indexed in the Google search engine results pages (SERPS) for my name within a few days. But by the end of October 2011 Google had fiddled their algorithm and hid it from view. It took me a while to figure out what had happened. But the upshot is that my blog was ONLY indexed when I was signed into my Google account:

This screen shot shows that on 9 October 2011 my blog (under a different title) was indexed on page 2 of the SERPs for the search ‘janice duffy’:

In November 2011, and after noticing a lot of hits on my dashboard from Google IP addresses, my blog was removed from the SERPs by Google.  I decided to change the blog name. It was initially indexed on page one of the SERPs for the search term ‘dr janice duffy’ with the new name Internet Defamation: A Case Blog:

A couple of hours later my blog was again gone from the SERPs:

Then I noticed something strange. My blog was indexed on page 1 of the SERPs on BOTH and for the search term ‘dr janice duffy’ when I was signed into a Google account. I took screenshots of the SERPs on the same day on

But my blog was NOT indexed unless I was signed into my Google account:

The same applied for indexing my blog on So I made a video.


Only I could see my blog in the SERPs and only IF I was signed into my Google account. This meant that my blog was not online when the first media was released on 21 November 2011.

On 7 December 2011 I posted a brief outline of my case on a blog run by by Potpie Girl, a well known  SEO writer. She was engaged in a discussion about the impact of human Google raters on search results with the then ‘public face’ of Google, Matt Cutts.  I accused Google of censoring their search results by removing my blog from their index:

My post contained a lot of detail about my case, the support of Ripoff Report by Google, and the fact that this blog had been censored. To cut a long story short I stated that Cutts had ‘no soul’ because he knew in 2008 that small businesses and individuals continued to suffer from the Ripoff Report’s ‘business model’ of extortion. Yet, as I pointed out, Google had censored me and had removed my blog from its index because I was suing them!

Magically, by the next day (10 December 2011 in Australia and 9 December 2011 in the USA) as this video shows, my blog was re-indexed in the Google SERPs WITHOUT needing to sign in! A coincidence? I think not: