More Abuse From Techdirt

Techdirt ridicules and abuses people using the excuse of Free Speech. But it does not practice what it preaches. Techdirt regularly hides or ‘moderates’ (they are not posted) any comments critical of Masnick or Techdirt or that does not fit with THEIR view of free speech:

In addition to 18 months of false, defamatory and abuse comments on the website, in 2017 abusive emails from Techdirt supporters have been sent to my blog because I did not (after late 2015) engage with them on the website. This first email was sent in February 2017.

This email was sent on 21 April 2017:


I chose not to react to the above email and received this on 24 April 2017:

This is the person who seems to have sent the second email in this post. It references his comment on Techdirt. He uses the name G Thompson on Techdirt or @alpharia on Twitter. 

Hi name is Graham Thompson and he is a man aged in his late 40’s who lives in Campbelltown, Sydney. He has commented in the Australian media on digital forensics. These some of his other comments on Techdirt;

I posted the content sent to my blog and stated that I continued to support Dr Ayyadurai. On 26 April 2017 I received the following through my blog contact form:

The threats come from admitted Australians. Isn’t ‘bugger all’ a specifically Australian expression? I lived in the UK and it is not a native term. I understand it is sort of offensive in the USA.

Free Speech?

I hope these ‘men’ are proud of themselves. It takes a lot of cowardice to terrify a woman and yet hide their identity. What can they possibly do to try destroy me more than they already have? Well, they can physically hurt me or they can hurt those that I love. Of course this is all conducted by them in the name of protecting free speech. Seriously what is wrong with these people?

Comments by Techdirt ‘Insiders’ and regular commentators over the past 18 months appeared to be designed to entice me into a ‘flame war’. Despite what they believe, albeit without reading the evidence in the trial v Google, I did not engage in a flame war on Ripoff Report.

I was a consumer reporting a ripoff. Of course, in 2007 I did not know how the internet worked, let alone Google (which I did not use) or Ripoff Report. Yet, despite the fact that he purports to be an expert, Graham Thompson did not read all the evidence in the trial books. Had he asked I would have gladly provided it.

Techdirt hide behind US laws and their Google page rank and were untouchable. Or, at least that is what I thought until Dr Ayyadurai filed defamation proceedings against the website. 

Because I chose not to buy into the defamation and abuse on Techdirt, their devotees apparently decided to use scare tactics. It worked!  For several days, until the Department of Health investigated I literally stayed locked in my house. The imputation that I had defrauded the Government was a clear attempt to intimidate me by using two innocent tweets thanking service providers for their help. 

When highly ranked websites such as Techdirt use intimidation and mob rule’ tactics  to terrify what they perceive to be soft target,  (a woman after rape has been threatened) it is unacceptable. But the most worrying aspect of this is that these people are teaching children and teenagers that free speech equals abuse!

Masnick does not understand one fundamental principle of life. The world is all about power. If a small organisation continually defames and abuses people with real power, they are likely to get sued – and they did!