Darren M Meade: Paid Reputation Hitman

The editor of Ripoff Report, Magedson pays individuals (often in mentally or socially challenged life situations) to write false, defamatory and damaging content on the website for the purposes of extorting money to ‘rehabilitate’ reputations, or for the purposes of revenge. This is enabled by the high Google page rank accorded to Ripoff Report.

For more than two and half years Ed Magedson paid Darren M Meade, a resident of Orange County CA, to write false ‘reports’ about individuals and businesses for publication on Ripoff Report. In this video Meade describes destroying someone’s online reputation.


Meade describes the paid reputation assassination for Magedson in a self made video available on Shawn’s forum on this link. Meade has quite a history and his criminal background is also available on ClickaNerd’s forum.  As a consequence of a protracted period of defamation of the state’s witnesses in a murder trial Magedson and Meade have been sued for USD$60 million.

Reports of date rape by Darren Meade can be found here, here and here. A tape of Meade’s former housemate speaking about a recent arrest is on this link. The complete set of filed legal documents containing evidence of extortion and witness tampering by Magedson and Meade are available for viewing or download on Scribd.com from this link.

The following is a sample of evidence is available in those documents. It includes substantial evidence implicating Magedson and Meade in a number of felonies including extortion and witness tampering. For example, in this email Meade discusses payment with Magedson:

Magedson’s response:

A cheque from Magedson to Meade:

A graphic was published on a Ripoff Report webpage containing false and defamatory content about Michael and I:

It is the same graphic that Meade displayed on his hard drive in the video (at 6.42):

A screenshot from the SERPs for my name was posted on the second Ripoff Report complaint about an Australian Judge:

And this graphic is shown in the above video of Meade’s hard drive:

Neither Michael or I wrote the reports about the Australian Judge. An additional comment on one of the Ripoff Report webpages in my successfull defamation action against Google Inc was added on January 16 2014 (at the time Meade was being paid by Magedson):

This image is also shown on Meade’s video of his hard drive: