Mike Masnick & Techdirt: Lessons in Hypocrisy

Masnick’s ‘Distress’

In a recent Techcrunch article, ‘Techdirt’s Mike Masnick says lawsuit has already had a chilling effect on his site’ the author, Anthony Ha wrote that the focus of Masnick’s presentation to the Centre for Personal Democracy concerned the lawsuit in which Dr V.A Ayyadurai, the inventor of email, is suing him and Techdirt for defamation. Ha noted:

(Masnick) choked up repeatedly during his talk, but he said this wasn’t due to stage fright: “It’s the first time doing a talk like this that I am incredibly, painfully aware that every single word that I’m saying right here may be used against me in court.

Techdirt posts about Dr Ayyadurai did not simply use critical analysis or opinion on the issue of the invention of email. As set out in the lawsuit claim, over a period of more than two years, and in fourteen separate diatribes, Masnick and his regular commentators pilloried Dr Ayyadurai.

Masnick and his Techdirt goons also attacked me after I won my defamation case against Google.  The abuse continues into 2017 even on Techdirt posts that are not about my lawsuit. For example:

I asked Masnick and Cushing on Twitter to at least remove the comments that falsely state I am a criminal but, as is indicted by their their replies, they refused. Moreover, Techdirt’s regular commentators (on whom Masnick relies to twist the knife in his targets) launched direct attacks on me that were sent to this blog. Techdirt supporters threatened to rape me and kill my dog. They also tried to use intimidation to impute that I was dishonest and defrauding my government because I support Dr Ayyadurai.

Although ultimately unsuccessfull, for several days the Techdirt ‘defenders of free speech’ managed to terrify a woman living with a frail elderly father. The excuse for their cowardly actions were the protection of free speech! In reality, Masnick and his cronies are hypocrites who use their connections to promote their corporate backers’ agendas and vilify any individuals or businesses that fight for their online rights of ownership of their name or products. But Masnick uses his connections to remove any negative content written about him or his business. 

Masnick’s Hypocrisy

In December 2015 an anonymous email was sent to my blog identifying webpages posted on Pissedconsumer.com about Masnick and his business, Floor 64. Masnick has strong connections with both Pissedconsumer.com and their attorney Marc Randazza. Masnick had ridiculed the plaintiff in a lawsuit against Pissedconsumer.com and written praise about Randazza. 

A few days after the content was posted, the two webpages on Masnick were removed from Pissedconsumer.com. The following are screenshots of the cached copies. A current search of the website will verify that the content about Masnick or his business no longer exists on that website!

Masnick is a Corporate Shill

Masnick is linked to, and supported by organisations funded by the tech corporations such as Electronic Frontier Foundation eff.org, Centre for Democracy and Technology cdt.org/, Computer and Communications Industry Association www.ccianet.org/, a fact pointed out in a comment censored on Techdirt.

Techdirt regularly censor their comments. Examples of Techdirt posts before and after censorship is available for download from my cloud drive (adrive.com). It is a paid subscription and virus free. The download is here. The same organisations that support Masnick and Techdirt are shills that protect child sex trafficking: