Another Attempt to Intimidate Me?

This morning I received a strange message alerting me to someone whom I know slightly (due to a contact via my blog). I have no personal or business relationship with this person. I am not going to mention the person’s name but I am well aware of the ‘mental issues’ referenced in the message and for that reason distanced myself from that person very quickly (irrespective of what the person may say or the one who contacted me may hope to impute). These are screenshots from part of the message sent through my contact form this morning:

A video mentioned has been removed (before I could watch it) and the website that the message directed me to read says nothing that surprises me. So to the person who sent the message, PLEASE inform Google and my counsel, I have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. My lawyers already know my concerns about the person mentioned in the message and that I have no links with him. I doubt that anyone could cause Google to think any less of me!

The IP address is from a TOR exit node and while I suspect that I know who may have sent this message, I cannot prove it and I simply do not care!

Maybe, as a friend of mine said, I have ‘been in the trenches’ for so long I lose perspective at times. I believe that this was sent with the intention of intimidating me, not on an altruistic basis. 

Update: Apparently the video was temporarily removed but is back on youtube. My case is public and I have been contacted by a lot of people over the years. The person who sent the message is clearly scratching around the Internet to find any information that could be used to spook me. Anonymous and untraceable attempt to intimidate are the sign of a coward. But whatever, it has failed!