Darren Meade: Default Judgement for Reputation Assassination of USD$60 Million

In January 2017, Darren Meade, Ripoff Report’s paid reputation assassin was sued by US plastic surgeon and Army Reserve veteran Dr John Pitman. On 4 August 2017 a default judgement was entered against Darren Meade for the sum of USD$60 Million. Details of Meade’s ‘work’ practices and a link to the default judgment can be found on Paladin’s blog. 

As Paladin notes, while he liked to pontificate on Twitter regarding his position as a reputation hitman, it seems he didn’t feel that position was strong enough to defend it in court!

Detailed information of the crimes perpetrated by Ed Magedson, Darren Meade and Ripoff Report employees are available on ClickaNerd’s forum.

The intriguing aspect of this is that since Meade was paid by Ed Magedson from Ripoff Report, the question is what does this mean for Magedson’s impending jury trial.