On 27 October 2015 Google Inc was found liable for defamation published on Ripoff Report. I was subsequently threatened and ridiculed by Google shills such as Techdirt.com and others. Ripoff Report optimised the defamatory content and Google did not remove it.

I fought back and Google and its shills tried to break me. I think that they have finally succeeded. After the latest round of threats to my home I don’t want to live anymore.

Google Inc published my home address by sending a legal notice, part of discovery in the trial (and which, their lawyers, Ashurst, should have instructed their client was privileged) to its shill, Lumen Database.  My home address was visible in a search for my name:

The following are screenshots of a document containing threats was subsequently put in my letterbox at my home. The police cannot do anything. It is impossible to trace who put this in my letterbox but I emphasise that I do NOT think it is one of the two Australians who have published on Techdirt and about whom I know the identities.

I have lived in fear since these threats were put in my letterbox and the threats have escalated since I won the appeal in October 2017:

I have stood up and fought back but I think the intimidation, ridicule and threats using the excuse of ‘Free Speech’ has won.  I am tired of the harassment and fear. I am just tired!

Google, their lawyers Ashurst, their shills such as Techdirt.com, Lumen Database and Ripoff Report have finally broken me. I wake up shaking in fear and go to sleep crying. This is no way to live. I spent Christmas Day curled up in the local park crying. My dad is very ill and was sleeping. I realised then that this battle has alienated me to the point that I don’t think I can go on.