Since 2008 Google has been aware that Ripoff Report:

  • Publishes false content that destroys individual and businesses reputations;
  • Publishes hate speech including racial vilification, homophobia and misogynist abuse); and
  • Uses its page rank as a means to extort payment for the ‘rehabilitation’ of reputations in its search results.

Google’s Knowledge of Ripoff Report

  • In March 2008 Matt Cutts, a very senior Google employee stated that they would not remove Ripoff Report unless a court told them to do so.
  • A petition to remove Ripoff Report from Google gained hundreds of signatures.
  • Other websites contain reports that Ripoff Report destroys lives and businesses.
  • Between 2013 and 2022 more than 10,000 notifications of removal requests were sent to from Google. These were the requests that Google processed but a much larger number were refused.
  • In 2017 Ripoff Report altered its entire URL structure (again) in an attempt to subvert any Google take-downs and this resulted in a re-indexing of all of the content that was removed.
  • Google earned millions of dollars in advertising revenue from Ripoff Report and this, rather than ‘free speech’ was the reason it supported the extortion.
  • At least from 2013 the Chair of the Google Board, Professor John L Hennessy was aware that Google was profiting not only from destroying lives and businesses but hate speech, homophobia and misogyny because, as evidenced on this webpage, I told him over and over again!